Write a conclusion based on the study of the lesson how to Write a Conclusion

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How to Write a Conclusion

Writing a Conclusion in KS2

Writing a good conclusion is an essential part of any text. It's the last idea that the reader is left with once they're finished reading, so you want to leave a good impression.
The conclusion briefly restates the main points of the writing and makes sense of any results that were obtained.
To write a good conclusion, you can keep these points in mind:

  • Summarise the points made in the body of the text. Try to write these in a different way from how they were written in the body.

  • Provide insight. Tell your audience what conclusion you have come to based on the information you've provided.

  • Provide a solution or ask open-ended questions. Give your reader something to think about after they've finished. Is there a solution to the issues raised? Is there further thought and action that could be taken? Are there broader implications?

  • In general, a good conclusion makes the reader think. It causes them to reflect on what they've just read and consider how this affects them or the topic they've read about.

  • It's important to remember that the type of conclusion needed will depend on what you're writing. A text discussing the results of a science experiment will have a different conclusion to a piece of persuasive writing.

  • A conclusion to a persuasive text will have more bias, since the writer is trying to steer the reader to agree with their opinion and their own conclusions.

  • A scientific text might have a more balanced conclusion, weighing up the results objectively.
  • What is a conclusion in logic?

  • In logic, a conclusion is a judgment or decision you come to - the final idea after considering the information provided.
  • Jumping to a conclusion

  • To jump to a conclusion is a phrase used when a judgment is made about something before all the information is presented. This is often because of a preconceived bias that is held.

  • If somebody jumps to a conclusion about a certain person, this could mean that they were too critical of them, or decided that something must be true or false about them before truly knowing them

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