Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club, Inc. Open Board Meeting Minutes February 11, 2006 In Attendance

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Fishhawk Lake Recreation Club, Inc.

Open Board Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2006
In Attendance: Larry Boxman, Vic Dykstra, Gary Rinehart, Eileen Rule, Jean Martwick, Kinton Fowler. Absent: Steve Butsko
President Larry Boxman called the meeting to order at 9:32 am.
Approval of the January 14, 2006 minutes: Vic Dykstra moved to approve the January 14, 2006 meeting minutes as written. Eileen Rule seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.
Lake Manager Report: Repair work on pump station #3 has been completed. The following drills have been planned. Evacuation drill in May, date to be set. Gate keys must be obtained from Longview Fibre. Terrorist attack drill planned in conjunction with Mist/Birkenfeld Fire Dept and Red Cross on June 14th. The accessibility of our water tower was questioned. The Emergency Response Plan is being developed to address these questions. A portion of the sewer line was scoped. Conduit had been drilled through the line. Tim is in contact with the utility companies regarding this. A wind storm last week caused falling tree damage. Thank you to Vic Dykstra, Heather Berg and Rick Whitney for their clean up efforts.
Executive Secretary Report: The office will be open on Monday and Friday only of next week. If assistance is needed, please call the office, leave a message and Tim will get back to you.
Treasurer: The year end financial report has been restated. A change was made in the Reserves. Kinton Fowler made a motion to accept the 2005 year end report as revised. Eileen Rule seconded the motion, all in favor, motion passed. A CD for $60,750. has been moved to 1st Tech Cr. Un. for a better interest rate. CD’s come due every six month to insure availability of funds. Kinton questioned what budget the $3500. for the lab and fire station renovation should come from. Kinton made a motion that $3500.00 be taken from the Buildings Reserves budget. Eileen Rule seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed. We are under budget for the month.
Legal/Special: Gary reported that Fishhawk owns 34 properties. 249 privately owned properties have paid dues for 2005/2006.
Buildings and Grounds: The shed at the WWTP has been repaired. A tree across Fishhawk Rd. was removed. The project to move the lab has started and is on track. Tim Couch thanked Vic for his work to repair the equipment shed.

Dredging and Weeds: Dredging will take place over the next couple of weeks around the bay and creek. CREST organization is applying for a grant to purchase a weed harvester. Tim has put our name in to partner with them for this program. Harvesting is more expensive than chemical removal. Tim is looking at all the options.

Personnel: Tim Couch and the Personnel Committee will meet soon to review the Cairo Chart.
Architectural Committee: Carla Bangert reported that a Negotiations Committee met with Tim Teele and an agreement was made and has been executed. Carla wanted to remind everyone regarding the policy for dogs at the lake. Dogs in common areas must be on leashes. Complaints regarding this or any other issue must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees.
Security: Heather Berg received a report of pellet and paintball guns being used on Lake property. She reminded everyone that no shooting of a projectile is allowed on Fishhawk property. Thank you to Roberta Mills for picking up all the paintballs. Thank you to Stan Horton for filling in for Helen Horton while she was recuperating. Gary Rinehart will be substituting for the Mahars on the Saturday patrol for the next 3 to 4 weeks.
Social: Bingo tonight at 7:00 p.m. This is a 4th of July fundraiser. $1.00 per card and $1.00 per black out. Dave White will conduct another interesting Science class on Sunday, Feb. 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Tim and Heather’s home at 71472 Northshore. All welcome. A Casino Night is scheduled for March 4 at Tim and Heather’s home from 7 to 11. A Silent Auction/Wine Tasting event is scheduled for April 8. Donated items are needed for the auction. Contact Linda Rinehart at 755-2288 or Irene Dickson at 755-2347 for details. The theme for Fishhawk Funday this year will be Mardi Gras. The tennis court will be used for carnival games. Families are needed to sponsor and run the booths. Karaoke will take the place of a band this year and stuffed animals in good condition are needed for prizes. Call Diana Mahar for details 755-2557
REO: No report
Long Range Planning: A survey form has been posted on the newsletter page of the website. All property owners are encouraged to print a copy of the form, fill it out and return it to the Fishhawk office. Separate forms may be submitted by husband and wife, etc.
OLD BUSINESS: Maintenance shop update: Waiting for bids. Tree removal is in progress. Work party tentatively scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 12. A coat, 2 umbrellas, eyeglasses and assorted cookware have been left in the clubhouse.
Meeting Adjourned: 10:02 a.m. Executive Secretary, Barbara Compton

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