Crescent beach association zoning enforcement officer

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Crescent Beach Association

Zoning Enforcement Officer

Stephen Rebelowski

March 2014 Report
March has been another cold month with spring somewhere out there. More interest and fewer permits have come in. Several more discussions of pending permits have been conducted with residence and architects on up and coming projects.

  1. Elms Hotel

In according to the agreement between CBA and Elms Hotel, the winter limitation on room availability was submitted to the ZEO prior to the November implementation and comes to an end in April. (see below ZBOA)

  1. 44 Central Avenue

No further information at this time as to Superior Court Appeal.

Zoning Permit Applications under Appeal
2-14-#2 25-27 Ocean Avenue (Elms Hotel) $25.00 Denied 2/3/14

3 Lot Division of Properties

Barbaro Property Management
***** CBA Zoning Board of Appeals application prepared and delivered to ZBA

Secretary on February 15, 2014. by the applicant. Due to numerous

members being unavailable for a meeting and legal notifications, the next

dates for this proposal has been tentatively set for either May 6 or May 9

at the East Lyme Police Department at 6:30 PM.
Zoning Permit Applications
3-14-#1 20 Atlantic Avenue Approved 3/18/2014

Remodel Bathroom, new subfloor $152.50

Owner- Berstingle Contractor – First Green Service of Hartford

As stated in previous reports, I make biweekly contact at town hall thru assessor office and building office as to any reported construction or other new projects. Several residents have contacted me as to various matters that may have been overlooked by this office. It appears that we have been on top of work related issues in Crescent Beach area, however if something does get by; please contact the CBA ZEO or town building officials of any unauthorized works.

As stated in the January 2014 Report, it is unfortunate for some residence that their proposed or request for zoning permits have been lapse over the one year mark, and now that FEMA and coastal flood plans have been realigned they cannot begin their projects and must be recalculated and revamped to adhere to the new standards. The Town of East Lyme cannot issue any building permits unless these areas have been approved. I as ZEO for Crescent Beach Association have been working with the town to ensure these situations can be dealt with accordingly.
Coastal Flood Plans have changed and State of Connecticut DEEP has been more restrictive to what can and cannot be done in these areas. Make sure your planning agents, architects, design staff work closely with you on new items to prevent unneeded expenses.

Zoning Enforcement Officer email for CBA business –

Submitted: March 31, 2014

Stephen J. Rebelowski

CBA – Zoning Enforcement Officer

Contact Cellphone # 860-625-5528

CBA ZEO March 2014 Page

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