Dawson county open burning permit applications

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Name: Click here to enter text.

Telephone Number: Click here to enter text.

Burning Site Address(es): :Click here to enter text.

Mailing Address(es): Click here to enter text.

City: Click here to enter text.

Date(s) of burn(s): Click here to enter text.

Material to be burned: Click here to enter text.

Reason for burning: Disposal Other If other, please explain: Click here to enter text.

Fire control provisions at burn site: Click here to enter text.

Fire Control Jurisdiction (please check one) Dawson rural West Glendive

I have read and understand the open burning policy and regulations of Dawson County. I will abide by these regulations and any and all restrictions that are part of this application. I understand I am legally liable for any and all damages or costs incurred resulting from the act of burning, conducted under this permit.

Applicant actual or electronic signature: Click here to enter text.

The applicant is responsible in notifying the GLENDIVE POLICE DEPARTMENT at 406-377-2364 prior to burning. Law enforcement must be advised of the exact location and time the burn will occur each day. This permit constitutes authorization for open burning only in Dawson County. Applicant is responsible for obtaining permits that may be required by other government agencies.

Please return to this Web site within a week to view the permit number assigned to you application. If you need your permit number sooner, please call the District Sanitarian’s Office at 406-377-5772

After completing this application, please email to holleyc@dawsoncountymontana.com; by facsimile at: 406-377-2022. Please call the District Sanitarian’s office at 406-377-5772 for questions or comments.

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