Board of Trustees Meeting Thursday, June 14, 2012 Meeting Minutes Present Board Members

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Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Present Board Members: Lori Abou-Omar, Sherry Auman, John Dallas, Sharon Daly,

Carol Gardecki

Absent Board Members: Donna Bird, Michelle Coldren

Present Advisors: John Emerick (Spring Friends), Joan Schaum (W.L. Friends), Kevin Bitz (Bookkeeper), Patty Lowry (Spring Library Director), and Barbara Kline (WL/WH Branch Manager)

Absent Advisors: Jestyn Payne

Guests: None

  1. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by President John Dallas in the Twp. of Spring administration building.

  2. Roll Call – Completed by the use of a sign in sheet.

  3. Consent Agenda – Approval - A motion to approve the consent agenda (Bookkeeper Handouts) was made by Sharon Daly and seconded by Carol Gardecki. Motion passed unanimously. Note: May STLA Meeting Minutes were not yet completed.

  4. Spring Library – Patty Lowry commented on her Director’s Report; she especially noted excellent circulation increases for May, her visit to the May Twp of Spring Supervisors meeting as well as thanking Kevin for bringing in a donated book table from Barnes & Noble. Patty also attended a Spring Township Lion’s Club meeting requesting a possible partnership to provide books for township senior living communities.

  5. WL Library – Barbara Kline – also emphasized circulation jump for the month of May as well as new volunteer Ken Heiser (a past technology mgr for NJ State Police).

  6. Friends Report(s) –

    1. Spring Township – John Emerick – Pig Roast brought in $1924 profit plus $500 donation from Thriven Lutheran.

    2. West Lawn Wyomissing Hills – Joan Schaum – “All you can eat pizza party” was very successful - brought in $199; Mays Sandwich Sale on-going into August.

  7. BCPL – Carol and Lori reported on the May Meeting about discussion regarding eBooks – pros and cons; consensus of STLA Board discussion leaned toward not giving Reading credit for eBooks at the expense of other libraries. Carol and Lori both want to attend the next BCPL June 20th meeting to be present for further eBook discussion.

  8. Old Business:

    1. Delinquent Patron Accounts – Discussion ensued about two different services. Motion by Carol Gardecki, seconded by Sherry Auman to authorize Patty Lowry to proceed with the Lancaster Credit Bureau for any accounts in arrears of $25 or more. Motion passed unanimously. Contract should be reviewed by Jestyn Payne prior to required signature.

    2. Credit Card Reader (on hold)

    3. Author Panel will be on Friday, October 12th – 4 authors have been confirmed by Beth Ireland; Sherry Auman will be coordinating with Patty Lowry regarding any additional authors; Carol Gardecki will confirm if WLUMC Community Center is available; 2nd choice – possible Twp. building or Twp. fire station.

  9. New Business –

    1. Patron Restriction Policy and Guidelines – After some discussion; motion by Carol Gardecki, seconded by Sharon Daly to approve this new policy. Motion passed unanimously.

    2. National Night Out - The Board agreed to once again to participate in the Spring Township Police National Night Out event to be held on August 7th from 5-9 pm. Patty will be taking a different approach than previous years; as advocates of our two libraries, all STLA Board members are encouraged to attend along with the Friends of each library to help enlighten our community about our libraries..

    3. Policy Revision Procedures – July STLA meeting will focus on any policy updates, reviews and reapprovals as well as reapproval of our by-laws and mission statement. Any recommended changes must be submitted to STLA President NLT June 27th.

  10. Suggestion Box – Spring – nothing; West Lawn – minor comment.

  11. Other Issues/Concerns/Comments – Around the Table – Public Comment…

    1. Lori Abou-Omar – looking forward to next BCPL Meeting.

    2. Kevin Bitz – Suggested we contact Dr. Rudy Ruth, Supt. of Wilson School District regarding closing of two schools – may be items libraries could use. Kevin also mentioned that STLA Board should be looking for library advocates as potential next Township of Spring Supervisors.

Recess – 8:23

  1. Executive Session.

Reconvene – 8:41

  1. Action Item – Motion by Sherri Auman; seconded by Lori About-Omar to revoke library privileges for James R. Bissell 532 Washington Street; Reading Pa. 19601 (library card # 23223001708503) from the West Lawn/Wyomissing Hills Library as well as the Spring Township Library effective June 14, 2012 for a minimum period of six months. Motion passed unanimously. Possible reinstatement will be in accordance with the Patron Restriction Policy and Guidelines. STLA President will send letter (attached to minutes) to Mr. Bissell and a copy will be filed in each library with background and copy of letter to be put on permanent file with Kozloff Stoudt. Township of Spring Police will also receive a copy of revocation letter.

  2. Trustee Training “Getting on Board” – Advocacy - Power Point and discussion led by President John Dallas.

  3. Adjourn Meeting –Meeting adjourned at 9:22 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John Dallas, III

STLA Board President

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