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Community Resources

Antioch Group

6615 N. Big Hollow Road

Peoria, IL

PH# 309/692-6622

Fees: sliding scale

Barnabas Center 1831 N. Knoxville Center Peoria, IL 61603 PH# 682-8487 Fees: accepts donations

Bethany Baptist church (Grief Group) 18 and older / Tuesday Evening’s 7229 N. Knoxville Ave Peoria, IL 61614 PH# 309/692-1755 Fees: Free

Brigther Days Counseling, PC 8000 N. University St. Peoria, IL 61615 PH# 309/282-1762 Fees: reasonable and customary

Children's Home Association of Illinois

Administration Building

2130 N. Knoxville Ave.

Peoria, IL 61603


Counseling and Family Services (Family Core) Main Office 330 S.W. Washington Peoria, IL 61602 PH# 309/676-2400 Fees: Sliding Scale

Counseling Center at Proctor Hospital 5409 N. Knoxville Ave Peoria, IL 61614 PH# 309/689-6008 Fees: please call to discuss

Catholic Charities 2900 W Heading Ave # F
West Peoria
PH# 309/682-6258 Fees: Sliding Scale

Heartland Behavioral Health 3116 N. Dries Lane Ste 201 Peoria, Illinois PH# 309/686-1147 Fees Sliding Scale

Grace Presbyterian Church (Grief Group) 18 and older / Mondays Evening’s
8607 N. State Route 91
Peoria, IL 61615-9506
PH#309/ 693-3641 Fees: Free

Lutheran Social Service 3000 West Rohmann Avenue West Peoria, IL 61604
PH# 309/ 671-0308

OSF Mental Health 683-7373 530 NE Glen Oak Ave Peoria, IL 61636 PH# 309/658-4357

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