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South Boston Neighborhood House


Annual Report FY 2014

Supporting Family and Neighborhood Life in South Boston since 1901

Board of Directors

Kevin Benedix


Gerard F. Dwyer

Vice President

Ted Owens


Howard P. Speicher, Esq.

Robert Boyda

James Callanan

Jon Cronin

Denise A. DeAmore

George Field

Mieka Leonard

Michael McGough

Joseph Nee

Patricia Reid

Nancy K. Rockefeller

Antonio Saez

William J. Smith

Peter Vanderweil
Barbara Macdonald, Executive Director
Special Events:

The House is Where the Heart Is” –Annual reception and auction April 10, 2015

John Hancock Charity Marathon Team April 20, 2015

Rodman Ride for Kids September 26, 2015


136 H Street

South Boston, MA


main: 617-268-1619

fax: 617-268-4059
Would you like to make a donation?


Mary Fiske

Director of Development

Or help us out in another way?


Barbara Macdonald

Executive Director

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Find us on Twitter! SBNH

If your information is incorrect or missing, please accept our sincere apology and contact Mary Fiske.



Since 1901, The Ollie has provided top quality services to South Boston. In order to fulfill our mission of supporting family and neighborhood life, we continuously update and improve our programming as the community changes. We must remain relevant and give our participants what they require to grow and participate in all the City of Boston has to offer. South Boston is a vibrant and important part of the City. Our job is to help maintain a strong sense of community while working closely with our traditional constituency as we simultaneously welcome and serve new neighbors who may have completely different needs.

We are grateful to our supporters, staff and clients. Our continued success depends on our Board of Directors, whose belief in our work and loyalty to the agency is deeply important to all of us, the staff whose devotion and hard work is second to none, our participants who trust us to help them make the right choices to move their lives in a positive direction and our donors without whom our work cannot go on. We sincerely thank you.

Barbara Macdonald, Executive Director Kevin Benedix, President, Board of Directors

($50,000 +) ($2,500 - $4,999)

BNY Mellon- Arthur F. Blanchard Trust August A. Busch & Company

The Cronin Development Corporation Boston ROCKS

I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation Cruz Companies

TPI – Boston Cradle to Career Initiative Diversified Automotive Inc., Dennis Kraez

United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley Harpoon Distributing Company


Kohnen Family Foundation

($25,000-$49,999) LAZ Parking

Boston Global Investors Barbara & Rod Macdonald

Children’s Investment Fund Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

John Hancock Financial Pinewood Acres Children’s Charity

State Street Executive Foundation Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

($10,000-$24,999) ($1,000 - $2,499)

AthenaHealth Affiliated Computer Services

City of Boston Office of Neighborhood Development Arbella Insurance

Denise DeAmore and Ted Owens John K. Barry

Dean Foundation for Little Children Kevin & Colleen Benedix

Charles H. Farnsworth Trust Boston Capital Foundation

Grainger Companies Burke Distributing Corporation

Highland Street Foundation Michael Carmen

Massachusetts Port Authority Commercial Construction Consulting/C3

Robeco Investment Management The Davis Companies

Nancy King Rockefeller Jonathan & Margo Davis

Rodman Ride for Kids Davis, Malm & D’Agostine, P.C.

Rutland Corner Foundation Russell J. Djerf

Sailors’ Snug Harbor of Boston The Drew Company

South Boston Community Development Foundation Gerard Dwyer & Cynthia Strout

State Street Corporation Edwards, Wildman, Palmer LLP

First Trade Union Bank

($5,000 - $9,999) In Memory of Joanne Joyce Fiske

Bob Boyda Cheryl Flaherty

Holly and David Bruce John Gillespie – Dunkin’Donuts

Campbell & Hall Charity Fund Judith Gunning

Children’s Trust Fund Geils-Adoue T. Hegranes

Clipper Ship Foundation Horizon Beverage Company

P&G Gillette Maura Joyce

Rae Family Charitable Foundation Trust Moses Kimball Fund

Deborah Armstrong Reid Fund Michael J. Kineavy

Patricia J. Reid Marlene Leatherbee

Gerald M, Ridge Company Mieka A. Leonard

U.S. Foodservice Loomis, Sayles & Company

($1,000 - $2,499 continued) Keith Archibald Integrated Properties

Martignetti Companies Paul & Donna Archibald Kara Law Offices

Kevin & Claire Martin Bay State Federal Savings Foundation Lenox-Martell

McGladrey & Pullen LLP Boston Beer Garden Liberty Bay Credit Union

Mike McGough Boston Building Wraps LLC Mary T. Lomasney

Marc Montanari Boston Firefighters Credit Union Joseph Lombardi

Stuart & Patricia Mullally Michael Burke LPL Financial

Frank & Patricia Nemia Cahill’s Farmers’ Exchange Robert MacPherson

Pinewood Acres Children’s Charity Bill Callan & Family Mass Bay Credit Union

D.F. Pray Angela Carroll Malcolm & Parsons

Priority Parking Patrick Carter Mt. Washington Bank

Rebel Restaurants Patrick Chatfield Joseph Mullins

Reliable Roofing & Sheet Metal The Children’s Chef Nauset Strategies

John J. Remondi Paul & Margaret Chisholm Partners HealthCare

SEI – Boston, LLC City of Boston Credit Union PDBK Charitable Foundation

William J. Smith Clifex Bellows Corporation Perfectionist Painters

Sousa Design Architects Ken Connolly & Family Peter Pendergast

Margaret Turner J.A. Correia The Playwright

Peter & Katherine Vanderweil Craft Brewers’ Guild Daniel Picard

M.S. Walker, Inc. Creighton Foundation Terry Power

Walsh Mechanical Contractors Jayne & Paul Donahue PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC

Frederick E. Weber Charities Corporation Patrick Easley Rodman Ford

Welch Corporation Joseph Farina Jerry Remy’s Seaport

Joseph Ferrara Mary K. Ryan

($500 - $999) Lisa Finkel John & Pam Schaefer

Alexander, Aronson & Fining First Republic Bank S. M. Sneider Co.

Joseph & Mary Anne Allen Fuse Research Sullivan & McDermott

American Chair & Seating Corporation G.E. Foundation Temazcal

In Memory of Tony Amoroso Bernard Gillen Neal C. Tully

Atlantic Associates Marc Montanari Goodwin Proctor, LLP R.G. Vamderweil Engineers

Atlantic Associates The Guinee Family Foundation C. Michael Vaughn

Atlantic Beer Garden Harbor Food Service Equipment Justin Walsh

Atlantic Power & Light Hinkley, Allen & Snyder LLP The Whiskey Priest

Robert F. White Associates, Inc.

Financial Report – Fiscal 2013

Operating Revenue

Service Contracts

$ 636,801

Grants and Contributions


Program Revenue


Fundraising Revenue net


Donated Goods and Services






Operating Expenses

Child Care

$ 835,570

Elder Services


Education and Career Dev.


Family Engagement

General and Administration







Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2013. Includes depreciation expense of $65,540

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