Children’s Mental Health Week Pony Express Ride Across Nebraska Annual Wild Ride June 2nd, June 3rd, June 4th, 2016

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Children’s Mental Health Week

Pony Express Ride Across Nebraska

Annual Wild Ride

June 2nd, June 3rd, June 4th, 2016
Wednesday, June 1, 2016—Gering, NE

Leave Kearney around 10 a.m. Ride to Gering for Kick-off Parade to start ride back across the State.

Kickoff Parade, Wednesday, June 1st, 6:30 p.m. MST. Region 1 Mental Health, head to SunMart

Arrive: Arrive SunMart
Host Motel: Monument Inn, 1130 M St, Gering, NE, 308-436-1950.

Mention Pony Express Ride and Eagle Riders for rates $74.00 plus tax. 15 rooms set aside.
Start Day One, Thursday, June 2, 2016—Gering to Kearney
Leave: Eagles Scottsbluff/Gering Eagles, 3765 10th Street at 7:30 am MST, Head towards Sidney via Kimball Travel 10th Street to Hwy 71 South/ 30 East 82 miles (Estimated time 1 hr 40min)

Arrive: Northward Elementary School 9:00 am MST. 434 16th Ave. turn on North on 13 Ave, letter pickup, fuel at Western.

Leave: Western Convenience at 9:40 am MST, Head towards Ogallala, NE. Western Gas convenience store 306 East 1st St. Gas Station Fuel Stop, 89 Miles (Estimated time 90 minutes) Travel Hwy U S 385/30

Arrive: Ogallala at 11:10 am MST, Fuel Stop.
Leave: Ogallala at 11:25 am MST, head towards North Platte #2839 620 N Chestnut. 308-532-9468 55 Miles (Estimated time 65 Minutes)

Travel U S Hwy 26/30

Arrive: North Platte at 1:30 pm CST, Fuel, Letter pickup, regroup and Lunch Stop. Family org will meet us there.
Leave: North Platte #2839 2:25 pm CST, Head towards Gothenburg Pony Express Station (Photo Op) 40 miles (estimated time 40 minutes)

Arrive: 3:05 pm 5-10 min stop.
Leave: Pony Express Station, Head towards Dawson County Courthouse, 700 N. Washington St., 25 Miles (Estimated time 30 minutes) Travel U S Hwy 30.

Arrive: Dawson County Court house at 3:40 pm CST, Letter pickup.
Leave: Dawson County house 4:00 pm. CST head towards Kearney, NE. Buffalo County Extension Building 1400 E 34th Kearney, NE 48 Miles H

Travel U S Hwy 30, North on Ave N,

Arrive: Buffalo County Ext Building 5:00 pm CST, 3100 5th Ave, Kearney, NE.
Leave: Buffalo County Ext Building Center 5:45 Head towards Kearney Eagles 17 W. 24th Street, 308-234-2216

Arrive: Kearney Eagles #2722 6:10 pm CST, Beer and Burger night at Kearney. Letter Pick up.
Host Motel: Microtel, 104 Talmadge Ave, Kearney, NE. Phone 308-698-3003 Mention: Pony Express Ride Eagle Riders rates $68.54 Single Queen

$68.54 2 Queens, Rates Held until May 21st Lower rates than last year.

Start Day Two, Friday, June 3, 2016, Kearney to Fremont
Leave: Kearney #2722, 17 W 24th Street 308-234-2216 at 8:00 am CST, head towards Harley Davidson, 2719 South Locust, Grand Island, NE. 308-382-7020 45 Miles (Estimated time 55 minutes)

Travel U S Hwy 30

Arrive: Harley Davidson 8:55 am, CST, Shop, Fuel and Letter pickup.
Leave: Harley Davidson Central at 9:30 am CST, head towards Boys Town Shelter, 3230 West Wildwood Drive, 308-381-4444, Travel South Locust and Wildwood Dr.

Arrive: Boys Town Shelter 9:40 CST. Kid Stop
Leave: Boys Town Shelter 10:00 am CST, head towards York Eagles #3990, 610 Lincoln Ave, 402-362-6751, 52 Miles (Estimated time 65 minutes). Travel Wildwood Dr. So Locust U S Hwy 34/81

Arrive: York #3990 at 11:05 am CST, Fuel, Letter pickup and Lunch
Leave: York #3990 at 11:50 pm, and travel to Epworth Village in York 2119 Division Ave, York. Fuel, Letter Pickup

Arrive: Epworth Village 12:05 pm CST 35 Minutes allotted. 402-362-3625
Leave: Epworth Village at 12:40 pm, head towards Columbus Eagles, 3205 12th street 402-564-7550, 55 miles (Estimated time 65 min)

Travel US 69/ Hwy 81 to Columbus

Arrive: Columbus Eagles #1834, 3205 12th Street at 1:45 pm Letter pickup
Leave: Columbus #1834 at 2:50pm CST, Gas and head to Ta Ha Zouka Park, 2201 South 13th Street, Norfolk NE. 402-379-2268.

54 Miles (Estimated time 75 minutes)

Travel US Hwy 30/81

Arrive: Arrive Ta Ha Zouka Park at 4:05 CST (Parent to Parent)
Leave: Norfolk Ta Ha Zouka Park 4:45 pm CST, Head towards West Point, NE, Eagles.

Leave: West Point and head for Fremont Countryside Inn & Suites, 1649 E 23 St, 402-721-1109 Fremont, NE, 90 miles (estimated time 95 minutes) Travel Hwy US 275, US 77

Arrive: Countryside Inn & Suites, Fremont, NE at 6:20 pm CST.
Host Motel: Countryside Inn & Suites, 1649 E 23 St, Fremont NE, Cutoff date 05/14/2016, 402-721-1109, 24 hours notice on cancellation. $68/ 2 people, $63/1 person plus tax.

Start Day 3, Saturday, June 4, 2016—Fremont to Lincoln
Leave Countryside Inn at 9:15 a.m. Head towards Boys Town, West Dodge Rd, 28 miles (estimated time 40 Minutes) Hwy 275 & West Dodge RD
Arrive: Boys Town at 9:50 am CST, Nebraska Family Support Group will meet us there. Letter Pickup, 30 min allotted
Leave: Boys Town heads towards Lincoln. #147, 500 West Pacific St Hwy 6 Interstate 80 I 180 Cornhusker Industrial Lake Drive, 402-476-6992 (estimated time 10 min) 0th Travel: Military west, north on 10th, left on Sun Valley Blvd, right on West Industrial Rd
Arrive: Arrive Lincoln #147 (?all depends on stops) 11:55am Lunch and letter pickup

  • Staging Time for Parade is 1:10pm CST at Lincoln Aerie #147

Leave: Lincoln 147 at 1:20 CST for State Capitol. Parade Route is:
Parade route

Leave Lincoln Aerie 147 head to Sun Valley Blvd,

Right on Sun Valley Blvd to O Street,

O Street to South Hwy 77

Hwy 77 to Rosa Parkway,

East on Rosa Parkway to State Capitol,

Parking on North Side
The parade will end at the steps of the State Capital with the Pony Express handing over the letters into the hands of the Youth.
Arrive: State Capitol 1:30 pm

Leave: Capitol at 2:00 pm.
Want to be a "pony express" rider? Please do, your involvement would be so appreciated. For more information, contact:

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