West Miami Middle School Grounds Lizards on the Loose Survey

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West Miami Middle School Grounds

Lizards on the Loose Survey (This survey will be collected on 3 different days in the same location)
Your name/Group Member’s names: _______________________________________

1 student Photographer, 1 student Data Collector, 1 student Observer (3 students per group)

Your school: West Miami Middle School, 7525 S.W. 24 Street, Miami, Florida 33155

Date: ________________________

Start time: __________________

End time: ___________________
Location of survey: ___________________________________________________________________________________
GPS Coordinates: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Cloud cover at time of survey (circle one)

Clear; Partly Cloudy; Mostly Cloudy

Directions: Please record the number of lizards of each size for each species that you observe during your 15-minute search. Be careful not to count the same lizard twice!


Number of individuals per size class (snout-vent length)


< 3cm

3 – 5cm

5 – 7cm

> 7cm






Brown Anole










Green Anole










Crested Anole










Knight Anole










Bark Anole










Giant Anole







  1. Begin survey at starting point by standing still and looking in your immediate surroundings.

  2. When you see a lizard, refer to your Field Identification Guide to identify the lizard species.

  3. Record the size of the lizard as you see it, before moving on to the next one. Use the data sheet provided to record how many individual lizards of each species and the sizes of these lizards.

  4. After you have made sure that you have recorded all the lizards that you can see, take a few more steps.

  5. Pause and make sure you look around all over – on the ground, on tree trunks, on buildings and up high in the trees! Be sure not to count the same lizards twice!

  6. Continue this process until either you cover all of the survey area or the time reaches 15 minutes. Make sure you record the end time your survey.

  7. After you have completed all surveys (morning, midday and evening) record all habitat data that you can find on the final page of this booklet. It is important that you do this after you look for lizards – if you do it before you may scare off the lizards!

Be careful not to walk too fast, this survey should be done slowly! You can stop briefly to look around between steps.
Information about your Survey Area

(Collected one time)

Your Group names: __________________________________________________________

Your school: West Miami Middle School

Location of survey area (address): 7525 S.W. 24 Street, Miami, Florida 33155

Latitude/longitude of survey area from Google Earth: ___________________________________

(Confirm your GPS coordinates)

(For example, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is 25°40'42.6" N; 80°16'27.6" W)

How big is the survey area?

Each one of my steps is _________ cm long (take a step and measure it).

My survey area is _________ steps long and _________steps wide (pace each distance).
What percent of the survey area is open grass? (circle one)

<10% 10-25% 25-50% 50-75% 100%
What percent of the survey area is concrete or asphalt? (circle one)

<10% 10-25% 25-50% 50-75% 100%
Do you have a dog that uses the survey area? (circle one)

YES; How many dogs? ________

How many hours are they in the survey area per day? _________

Do you have a cat that uses the survey area? (circle one)

YES; How many cats? ________

How many hours are they in the survey area per day? _________

How many stray cats do see each day on average in your survey area?

(circle one)

0 1 2 3+
How many trees taller than 3 m (~10ft) are in your survey area? (circle one)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+

Measure the circumference of the five largest trees in your survey area using a tape measure or string at 133 cm above the ground:

Tree #1: ______cm; Tree #2: ______cm; Tree #3: ______cm;

Tree #4: ______cm; Tree #5: ______cm

PowerPoint Presentation

15 Slides Total

  • Slide # 1: Title: Fairchild Challenge 6 - Lizards on the Loose, School’s Name, Student’s Name, Date, Period. Picture

  • Slide # 2: Title Slide- (This slide is your introduction)- Write a description of the Project. Explain invasive species, the Brown Anole and Lizards in Miami. Describe where you gathered your data and any relevant information on the project.

  • Slide # 3: Finish Introduction. Include Pictures you took and Picture of you or your partner collecting data.

  • Slide # 4: Title Slide- School Lizard Population. This slide is going to include the information you gathered from School. Include relevant information, Picture or Scan of your data sheet.

  • Slide # 5-6 : Title Slide- Explain Data. Write what you found. What does your data show? Include Excel Data and Bar Graph showing

  • Slide # 6: This slide will either be more explanation about the school data, or your home data. Include Pictures of the area, lizards, and any or all information you learned.

  • Slide # 7-9 Title Slide - Your Home Data. Describe what you did, Include pictures of the area, pictures of you collecting the data. Include explanation of the data, pictures, scanned data sheet, Excel Data, and Bar Graph.

  • Slide 10-15- Any additional information you need to include. You may use more slides if needed as long as you have the data, pictures, tables, graphs and charts.

  • Record a small video of you collecting data. Include video on 1 of your slides.

  • Slide 15: Conclusion to Project. What does your data show? What did you Learn? What information did learn that you want to share with other people?

Your 15 slides must include the following:

OBSERVATION: (70 Points)

    • Data must show multiple observations (times)

    • Data must show multiple locations (Home and School, and different dates)

• Sufficient, credible and relevant information must be presented


• Interpretation of data is supported

• Conclusions align with observations

• Appropriate use of graphs, tables, and/or charts


• PowerPoint clearly presents and elaborates your findings

• PowerPoint slides presented in a professional/concise manner

• Graphs, tables and/or charts are complete

  • Graphs, tables, and charts are explained and clearly described


• Information is written in a clear and organized manner

• Proper grammar, punctuation and spelling used

Download 22.42 Kb.

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