Visit these businesses to experience our local flair and

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The Azalea Festival 2014 is expanding our tour! In addition to the locations that have planted Azalea gardens, several Christian County businesses are on the tour, each with their own distinction! Below, please find the ‘Passport’ tour map which lists all participation local venues. You can print it and take it with you….

Visit these businesses to experience our local flair and

don’t forget to have them stamp your passport when you stop by.

When you have your passport 50% stamped, drop your map at any participating

business to be entered into the drawing to held on Monday at

The Fremont Hills Golf Tournament. Don’t forget to

fill in your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you!
Sew Simple Quilt Shoppe

5241 N. 17th St

Ozark MO 65721


Azalea Festival Quilt Show

April 25 & 26 10am-5pm
Heather Hill Farms

5255 North 17th St

Ozark Mo 65721


Complimentary wine and cheese tasting

featuring Missouri wines

April 26, 9am-7pm

April 27, 10am-6pm

heather hill farm

Vintage Home and Garden

5219 N 17th St

Ozark MO 65721


Stop by to enter a drawing!

leola\'s vintage home & garden

Garden Adventures Nursery

‘making gardening a joy-filled adventure’

1900 W Mt Vernon

Nixa MO 65714


‘Art in the Garden’ features local artists

April 26, 9am-5pm

April 27 10am-4pm

Red Poppy

103 S Delaware

Nixa MO 65714


20% off entire purchase April 26th

Harrison House

715 N 10th St

Ozark MO 65721


Mother’s Day Specials April 26th

harrison house market

Daisy Mae’s/Top Drawer Creations

725 N 10th St

Ozark MO 65721



Mother’s Day Specials April 26th

daisy mae\'s and top drawer creations
Sweet Pea’s

707 N 10th St

Ozark MO 65721


Mother’s Day Specials April 26th
The Bleau Barn, LLC

901-A W Jackson St

Ozark MO 65721


Mother’s Day Specials April 26th

the bleau barn, llc
The Chicken Coop

705 N 10th St

Ozark MO 65721


Mother’s Day Specials April 26th

the chicken coop

Wheeler Gardens and Florist

454 State Hwy EE

Ozark MO 65721


April 26 & 27

Free Seed Packet plus 20% off purchase

Don’t miss the entertainment!
The Feathered Nest

1603 S 3rd St

Ozark MO 65714


Free Class and Snacks

‘Florist Demo Class’

April 23 at 1pm

~ the feathered nest ~

Xtreme Exteriors

1376 W Mt Vernon

Nixa MO 65714


Come celebrate our opening in Nixa

c:\users\owner\appdata\local\temp\xe logo.png
McAlisters in Nixa

703 N McCroskey Bldg A Ste 1

Nixa MO 65714


Come by for a FREE tea April 26th

Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce

566 W Mt Vernon

Nixa MO 65714


Proud to Sponsor Nixa-Ozark Azalea Festival

c:\users\owner\documents\azalea festival 2010\nixa_chamber_logo.jpg
Ozark Chamber of Commerce

1471 W South St

Ozark MO 65721

Ozark Downtown Farmers Market

PO Box 295

Ozark MO 65721

Come Celebrate the Azalea Festival on the

Square April 23rd 4pm-7pm

Live music and artists!
Fremont Hills Country Club

1953 Fremont Hills Dr

Nixa MO 65714


Drive through to see over 600 azaleas

planted throughout the course. Azalea

Festival Golf Tournament April 28

Fire Station #1

711 N Main St

Nixa MO 65714

Azalea Garden by Azalea Association

Fire Station #2

301 S Nicholas Rd

Nixa MO 65714

Azalea Garden by Azalea Association

Ozark Square

Azalea Garden on the Historic Ozark

Courthouse Lawn

Gardens at Woodfield

???Truman Blvd

Nixa MO 65714

Stop by for a stroll in our

Christian County Botanical Gardens.

Development started in 2010 and

still growing...... Ozark Bank

410 N Massey Blvd
Nixa MO 65714

Ozark Bank

106 N 2nd Ave
1509 W Jackson
1351 W State Hwy NN
Ozark MO 65721
Ozark Bank
410 N Massey Blvd
Nixa MO 65714
Azalea Festival Art and Music
Sunday, April 27 1pm-4pm
Public is welcome
George Espy Elementary School
220 S Gregg Rd
Nixa MO 65714

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