Task for Seminar 11 Answer the questions

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Task for Seminar 11

1.Answer the questions.

  1. Comment on the main peculiarities of translation of newspaper texts (newspaper articles and newspaper headlines) from English into Uzbek/Russian?

Newspaper texts are remarkable for a great variety. Brief item and informational articles are of the most concise, businesslike and aloof by their style. Accuracy in translating such kind of items and articles is often achieved by syntactical transpositions, structural substitutions and usage of lexical equivalents in the sentence.

To translate this brief item it was necessary to reconstruct the sentence. Typical for the style of brief items inversion can’t be kept in translation because it is not desirable to transfer to the first place the notional part of the predicate and its cut off the auxiliary verb in the Russian language: such emphatic underlining can change a little the meaning of the sentence. Lexical and grammatical transformation – substitutions in translating the

following extract can’t be accepted as violation of accuracy of the sentence.

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