St comgall’s parish youth centre

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St Comgall’s Parish Centre

Brunswick Road


BT20 3DS

St Columbanus’ College

Ballymaconnell Road


BT20 5PU

The origins of this Youth centre commenced with the development of the Most Holy Redeemer Youth Club in 1983. This club was based in the buildings of St Columbanus’ College at Ballymaconnell Road in east Bangor. The club provided facilities for Year 7 to Year 12 children on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. The club progressed and quickly was regarded as an example of what could best be done for the young people in the North Down area.

Its success resulted in a sister facility being created at St Comgall’s Parish Centre at Brunswick Road in central Bangor.

While both centres drew members from different sources, the centres co-operated and co-ordinated their programmes to such an extent that the centres amalgamated in 2004 by creating St Comgall’s Parish Youth Centre. This new centre continues to make use of the facilities in both St Columbanus’ College (sports hall, gymnasium, football pitch and its own dedicated meeting room) and St Comgall’s Parish Centre (parish hall, minor hall and use of a meeting room). The total membership amounts to approximately 289 and reflects the religious balance of the schools, which form its foundation. The Management Committee fosters this cross community profile and ensures that the centre has a strong Christian ethos.

The centre participates in many of the member and leader development programmes, competitions and events provided by the Youth Service of the South Eastern Education and Library Board. It is regarded as one of the strongest youth centres in the Board area.

The centre has been successful in securing funding for a full-time youth leader to support the part-time leaders who have provided dedicated service over many years.

The day to day affairs of the Centre are controlled by a Management Committee which provides the facilities for carrying out a programme of activities, manages the centre’s finances and ensures that all aspects of the Centre meet with all legal requirements, including health and safety and child protection.

The appointment of a full-time youth support worker in charge, will release the potential for further development of the centre. This will enhance the excellent work already carried out by the previous full-time leader, who left for personal reasons, as well as the many part-time and volunteer youth leaders and will also enable school-based provision to continue for members in the St Columbanus’ location. This will provide greater support for those members who attend St Columbanus’ College in particular.

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