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United Nations Development Programme


Communities Programme

01-01-2007 – 31-12-2007

Project ID:

Duration: 2007 - 2009

Component (MYFF): MYFF 1: Achieving the MDGs and reducing human poverty, MYFF 2: Fostering democratic governance

Total Budget: USD 22.4 million

Unfunded: USD 12.1 million

Implementing Partners/Responsible parties: (optional)

The fragments from the progress of works under projects

Table of Content

Table of Content 2

Annual Work Plan 2008 4

I. Context 5

II. Performance review 7

Progress review 7

2. Capacity development. 7

3. Impact on direct and indirect beneficiaries. 8

1. Participatory/consultative processes 9

2. Quality of partnerships 9

3. National ownership 10

2. Timely delivery of outputs 11

3. Resources allocation 11

4. Cost-effective use of inputs 12

IV. Implementation challenges 21

Project risks and actions 21

Risk Management 22

UNDP Gharm AO 22

Project issues and actions 25

Another issue was untimely issuance of payments to the implementing partners. There was high probability that delayed funding would result in untimely or poorly implemented project elements. However, through continuous and intensive cooperation with the finance department of UNDP and the Communities Programme the issue has been resolved. 25

Beside this, there were some cases with delay of payments, which brought a great constraint on sub-projects dependant on season/spring like gardening. In addition, under the Rural Infrastructure Sub-component, although the realization of sub-projects is carried in few Jamoats, some problems have already foreseen with performance of sub-projects by CIGs. Firstly, this is connected with limited village budget, which do not allow for proposing and addressing the most vital issues like rehabilitation of drinking water supply system. Secondly, the CIGs could not attract high qualified specialists with limited budget. For solving this issue, the CIGs were convinced to contribute more than indicated in Operational Manual since there is impossible to increase or reduce the village budget. There is also another option but it is conditional i.e. it is possible to combine the budget of two neighboured villages, surely, if they have the same priority needs. In future, if the project will be extended, such issues should be considered with proposing an amendment in Operational Manual. 25

According to TACIS/EU funded project a letter of the commitment from the local authorities about their contribution: giving the building for workshop construction/rehabilitation free of charge should be acquired. However it was discovered that the majority of buildings were on sale during identifying of premises for ADFs, tool banks and mini workshops. In order to avoid the delays in project activities, agreement for utilization of premises were signed between the owners of already privatized buildings and established structures under the project. 27

# 29

Implementation Issue 29

Actions taken 29

1 29

The internet provider, Telecom Technology, was unable to provide the Business Advisory Centre in Penjikent with connection to the internet because Tajik Telecom refused to give them access to land line service. 29

Discussions were held with Penjikent District Hukumat, after which a letter was sent to the head of Tajik Telecom in Penjikent, who then offered land line service to Telecom Technology. 29

2 29

New tender procedures required additional time for the receipt of clearance. 29

Planning was adjusted to account for the additional time needed. 29

3 29

Insufficient communication between Area Office staff and CP Dushanbe. 29

Communication was strengthened between AOs and CP Dushanbe. 29

4 29

Beneficiaries were unable to attend meetings, roundtables, and training sessions scheduled during the harvest season due to their farming commitments (primarily cotton picking) 29

Meetings, roundtables, and training sessions were postponed and, in the future, will be scheduled around the harvesting season. 29

5 29

In eastern Khatlon, rather than establishing a new Business Advisory and Information Centre in Darqad Jamoat of Farkhor District, the capacity of an existing Consultative and Information Centre (CIC), established by ACTED, was strengthened. However, the managers of the CIC were unwilling to work under the JRC umbrella. 29

Meeting were held between UNDP and ACTED to develop coordination mechanisms for the CIC and JRC in Daqad Jamoat to better work with one another. 29

6 29

According to the project proposal for the Tacis-funded project in Khatlon, local authorities were to contribute working premises for the newly-established DFAs, agricultural tool banks, and agro-processing workshops. However, in eastern Khatlon, local authorities were in the process of privatizing public buildings and were thus unable to make such a contribution to project implementation. 29

Agreements were signed with the new private building owners for the rental of space by the newly-established entities. 29

7 29

Within CAWMP, project partners were unfamiliar with the project’s Operational Manual, which negatively affected the process of subproject approval. 29

A workshop was held for PMU, PCU, UNDP’s Gharm AO, WDC, JRCs and CIGs to explain the roles and responsibilities of each partner in accordance with the Operational Manual. 29

8 29

The amount allocated per village for the realization of rural infrastructure subprojects was insufficient to rehabilitate drinking water supply systems (which were identified as being of the highest priority), nor for CIGs to higher qualified technical personnel. 29

CIGs were encouraged to contribute more of their own resources and, if possible, to jointly implement infrastructure subprojects with neighbouring villages who had identified the same priorities. The Operational Manual, however, should be amended to reflect this lack of funding for the rural infrastructure activity types. 29

9 30

For water supply systems rehabilitated within the framework of the ECHO-funded project for 2006-2007, delays in implementation were experienced because of bad weather, lack of electricity, unforeseen damages to pipes, payment delays, and delays in system owner/beneficiary contributions. 30

A two-month extension of project duration was requested from ECHO and approved. 30

10 30

Delay in Local Governance Finance Capacity Building project implementation was experienced as the period of signing an agreement and approval of action plan was long 30

Negotiation was organized between UNDP, OSI and ADB in order to expedite the process of signing documents. 30

V. Lessons learnt and next steps 31

Lessons learnt 31

Recommendations 34

Financial status 39

Financial utilization 41

Annexes 46

Communities Programme 2008 Annual Work Plan 47


and indicators including annual targets 47

Risk Management 73

Status 73

Status Change Date 73

Risk Management 74

Status 74

Status Change Date 74

Risk Management 75

Status 75

Status Change Date 75

Risk Management 76

Status 76

Status Change Date 76

Risk Management (what you have done to mitigate the risk?) 78

Status 78

Status Change Date or Review Date 78

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