Pisa2 Teacher Self-Reflection on Lesson

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PISA2 Teacher Self-Reflection on Lesson


School ___________________________________ District _____________________
Grade ___________Topic_______________________________________________
Date of Class Visit _______________Date of Post-Visit Discussion ______________

This self-reflection will be the basis for dialogue at the post-visit discussion.

  1. How successful was I in meeting my instructional goals (active engagement of all students; science inquiry leading to explanations supported by evidence; effective questioning to make student thinking visible; using and developing models)? What evidence do I have to support my assertion?

  1. Did I adjust my teaching strategies and activities as I taught the lesson? If so, why and how?

  1. What specific evidence do I have that as a result of this lesson, each student acquired the intended knowledge, understandings and/or skills? Which students did not and why?

  1. Was my preparation for this lesson sufficient to facilitate effective science instruction?

  1. If I had the opportunity to teach this lesson again to this same group of students, what would I do differently? Why?

Download 28.5 Kb.

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