News release 3 March 2014 Final major food industry awards moves to the kent event centre

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3 March 2014 Final


Kent’s biggest annual showcase for the food and drink industry celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014 and the awards have been switched to the Kent Event Centre near Maidstone, underlining its position as the region’s premier events venue.

Produced in Kent champions the food and drink sector in the Garden of England and its Taste of Kent Awards have become established as a major celebration of ‘the best of the best’ in the county.
The awards have been expanded with additional categories to mark the 10th anniversary and the organisers decided it was time to switch the event to a larger and more suitable venue. It takes place on 13 March.
Produced in Kent’s Stephanie Durling said it was a “natural fit” to move the awards to the Kent Event Centre, home to the Kent County Agricultural Society, and the venue for the Kent County Show.
“There is great synergy between Produced in Kent and the Kent Event Centre and with the growing size of the annual awards it made sense to move the event there. The flexibility of the venue means we can use our own caterer, Jason Freedman of The Minnis in Birchington.
“Produced in Kent truly appreciate the help and support of the staff at the Kent Event Centre and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Kent Event Centre manager Alison Wallington said: “We are delighted that Produced in Kent has chosen to bring the Taste of Kent Awards here. We are very passionate about this event and we look forward to hosting these prestigious awards.

“It is one of more than 60 public events this year plus conferences, training courses and meetings. Our new £1.5m conference building opens this spring, and by improving facilities and maintaining a clear focus on customer service, we are looking forward to a very successful future.”

Ease of access by road and rail and the availability of hotels make the Kent Event Centre a great choice for events. Facilities comprise the Clive Emson Conference Centre (1,700 sq m), the John Hendry Pavilion (1,750sq m) and the Astor Pavilion (151 sq m). There are also six major meeting rooms. There is free parking on site for up to 10,000 vehicles.

For more details contact the Kent Event Centre on 01622 630975 or visit

For more details of the Taste of Kent awards visit
Notes to editors

  • The Kent Event Centre has been at the Kent Showground at Detling, near Maidstone since 1964.

  • The Kent Showground at Detling, near Maidstone, offers a range of events facilities for indoor and outdoor use, on a site covering 200 acres. It is run by the Kent County Agricultural Society, which also organises the Kent County Show, which takes place on 11-13 July.

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