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On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, voters in the Mt. Pleasant Public School District will be voting on a proposal to renew 18.6263 mills non-homestead property tax levy. This levy is not assessed on owner-occupied residences, but generally includes businesses, rental homes, second homes, certain types of agricultural properties and commercial properties.

The proposal renews the 18 mill operating levy to fully fund our district, as required by state law to receive the district’s full foundation allowance per pupil. The remaining .6263 mill is only available to be levied to restore the 18 mill non-homestead levy if reduced by a Headlee rollback. However, in no event would the total millage exceed 18 mills.
The non-homestead levy raises approximately $8,839,904 each year for the next 10 years and represents nearly $2,488 for each student per year. This does not affect the millage rate for owner-occupied primary residences and is an essential portion of the State of Michigan’s foundation allowance formula for each district.
If this proposal does not pass, the State of Michigan will not replace the $8,839,904 of funding and Mt. Pleasant Public Schools will be forced to significantly reduce or cut staff and programs to offset the loss.

What does “non-homestead” mean?

Non-homestead represents industrial, commercial, business, rental, certain types of agricultural property and “second homes”. It does NOT include a family’s primary residence.

Is this a new tax?

NO! This is a renewal of the operating millage that is currently in existence.
What if the millage is voted down?

The revenue generated from the 18 mills totals approximately $8,839,904 of the school district’s total operating budget. If this millage does not pass, the State will not replace the funding and Mt. Pleasant Public Schools will be forced to reduce or cut staff and programs to offset the loss.

Where and when do I vote?

The election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at your regular voting precinct. Polls are open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Who can vote in the election?

All registered voters who reside in the Mt. Pleasant Public School District are eligible to vote. The deadline to register to vote in the November 3, 2015 election is Monday, October 5, 2015.

Paid for by Mt. Pleasant Public Schools, 720 N. Kinney Ave., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858


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