Hampton School District #29

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Hampton School District #29

  1. Air Conditioning

  2. New Gym Floor

  3. New Hallway and Classroom Flooring

  4. Roof Improvements

  5. Improve Lighting

UTHS District #30

Top Priority Projects:

1) Replacement of .05 Fire Prevention/Health/Life Safety levy with sales tax fund to fund ongoing projects such as roof replacements, etc.

2) School Safety upgrades, including possibility of reconfiguring entrances and streamlined access for visitors

3) Classroom upgrades, including classroom remodels

4) Fine arts and music facility upgrades

5) Athletic facility upgrades

Collaborations Efforts:

1) Special education cooperative with all RI county school districts to address low-incident/high cost special needs children

2) Cooperative paper purchasing through Regional Office of Education

3) Vocational Education program ant Area career Center serves all RI County students

Silvis School District #34

Top Priority Projects:

  1. Property Tax Relief (Building bonds + Life Safety) - abate $125,000-$150,000/36-43% of building bonds.

  1. Additional parking capacity at Barr Elem & Northeast JH

  1. New bus facility (possible sharing w/ EM Elem School District #37)

  1. Security fencing/facility improvements at Barr & Northeast

  1. Add Barr bleachers to gym upstairs for more event capacity

  1. Enlarge/add Barr playground equipment

  1. Tuckpointing for George O. Barr School

Collaboration Efforts:

  1. Silvis #34, Colona #190, East Moline #37 and UTHS #30 consolidation efforts.

  1. Silvis #34 provides Special Education bus service to Colona #190, CCB #36 and Hampton #29.

  1. East Moline #37 provides technology and maintenance/snow plowing/mowing services to Silvis #34.

  1. Silvis #34 is donating 5 acres of unused green space to City of Silvis and has worked together on various projects that includes police presence/security.

  1. Silvis #34 paid for street paving of an East Moline block near Northeast JH and may do similar in Silvis.

  1. RI County School districts collaborate on school-closing decisions.

Carbon Cliff-Barstow School District #36

Top Priority Projects:

1) Pay off bonds used for the building of Eagle Ridge School

2) Parking lot repair

3) Replace lights in the gymnasium

4) Build an athletic field

5) General building maintenance

East Moline Elem. School District #37

Top Priority Projects:

  1. Climate control all school buildings and put in new boiler systems and controls

  2. Increase security measures in all school buildings

  3. Put in new windows at all school buildings to increase energy efficiency

  4. Replace school doors across the district

  5. Change lighting in all district classrooms to be more energy efficient

Collaboration Efforts:

  1. Partner with Silvis Schools on Shared Technology Services and Department

  2. Partner with Silvis Schools on Shared Maintenance Services and Department

  3. Partner with Moline School District on Shared ELL Director

  4. Shared Food Services Director with Silvis Schools

  5. Currently engaged in possible consolidation talks with United Township High School District, Silvis Schools and Colona Schools

Moline School District #40

Top Priority Projects:

1) Air conditioning at the HS

2) Safety and security upgrades throughout the district

3) HS auditorium upgrades

4) HS pool upgrades

5) Upgrades/improvements, including handicapped accessibility, bathroom improvements, etc., at Wharton Fieldhouse and Browning Field

Collaboration Efforts:

1) Moline will administer a deaf/hard of hearing program for all area schools who are interested in sending students

2) Moline sends students to the vocational center at UT

3) Moline is working hard to establish engineering and health career partnerships with WIU, Black Hawk and local businesses

4) Moline works with cooperatively with the city when possible

Rock Island-Milan School District #41

Top Priority Projects:
1) Dual lock safety door handles for all classrooms (allows teacher to lock door from inside of room)
2) Enhanced secured entrances at Earl Hanson, Edison, Ridgewood, Thomas Jefferson, Washington
3) Centralized production kitchen and food court at High School
4) Science room remodeling at Washington
5) New restroom facilities at the stadium, renovated soccer/baseball fields, and new swimming pool at High School
Collaboration Efforts:
1) Special Education Cooperative
2) Area Career Center
3) Cooperative food bids (multiple school districts for food service programs)
4) Cooperative paper bid through the Regional Office of Education

Riverdale School District #100

Top Priority Projects:

1. Climate controlling RHS

2. Remodeling HS Science Labs

3. Replacing HS gym floor/ADA appropriate bleachers.

4. Remodeling Betty Plumb Auditorium.

5. Addition of a gymnasium at Riverdale Elementary.

6. Permanent surface on parking lot/driveway between Elementary and RHS.
Collaboration Efforts:

1. Currently share staff of hard to fill positions with neighboring district.

2. Shared Teacher Institute Days with neighboring district.

3. Joint cooperative Alternative School and Special Education programs.

Sherrard School District #200

  1. Abate the Wind Turbine debt

  1. Provide enhanced security to all buildings

Rockridge School District #300

  1. Air conditioning

  1. Security upgrades to entrances

  1. Repair of driveways and parking lots

  1. Roof replacements

  1. Track renovation

  1. Bond abatements

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