Length: 80 Skill focus: Speaking, listening, reading, Name

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Theme: Studying and Analyzing Society

Length: 80

Skill focus: Speaking, listening, reading,

Name: Qodirov Shukrullo

Context: What is Sociology?

Target students: 23 students
Level: Intermediate and upper- Intermediate
Materials used in class: Audio materials, markers, white board, flashcards, projector, computer, handouts.
Learning Objective:

-To describe the sociological approach.

-in order for students to be able to use various interactive methods and interaction

patterns in studying the Society

- to develop communicative competence, encourage all students to speak in pairs and in group.

Teaching and Learning Activities:

Teacher explanation: the meaning of the word sociology and how others shape our behavior. ( 15 min)

Activity 1: Pair work: how would your lives differ if you were:


To think real society and future

Time: total 30 min

Materials: Cards, books, handout 1, markers.

  1. Born 100 years ago( 10 min)

  2. Born into a wealthy aristocratic family ( 10)

  3. Born in ales developed country (10)

Procedure of the activity:

Some students should write their opinion on the card in term of above main points. They defend their views.

Whole class feedback ( 15 min)

Other students criticize views as well as add their thoughts.

Teacher led explanation of how this demonstrates that our lives are shaped by society. Teacher play podcasts about the Society which was told by famous sociologists (10 min)

Activity 2:Group work:


To create their dream society.

Time: 15 min

Materials: Papers , markers, white board,

Procedure of the activity:

What is Society ( using different materials) students to create their own societies.

Home assignment explanation :

-how to do and prepare tasks at home for the next lesson.

-find different opinions which were said famous people.

- analyze various statistics in their district.
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