Joanne t. Theobald, msw, lcsw

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

1020 South Lincoln Street

Casper, WY 82601

(307) 251-0482
Master of Social Work (2001)

University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, Minor in Spanish (1984)

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

Graduation with High Distinction

Adjunct Instructor/Field Instructor, University of Wyoming Division of Social Work (2008-Present).
Courses taught:
SOWK 3650 Social Work Methods III

SOWK 4030 Social Work and Mental Health

SOWK 3530 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

SOWK 3630 Social Work Methods I

Adjunct Instructor, Casper College, Departments of Addictionology. Social Work, and Human Development. Casper, Wyoming (2004 - Present).
Courses taught:
SOWK 2000 Foundations of Social Work

SOWK 2005 Social Work Lab

HMDV 1000 College Success (online and classroom sections)

HMDV 1485 Human Potential Seminar

ADDN 1510 Eating Disorders
Counselor, Casper College. Casper, Wyoming (2003 - Present). Duties: Provide personal and career counseling and academic advising to both traditional- and non-traditional-aged students. Coordinate campus outreach programs and give presentations in the areas of stress management, academic success skills, eating disorders, depression, and substance abuse.

Child Development Specialist, Bar Nunn Elementary Schools. Casper, Wyoming (2001 - 2003). Duties: Developed and implemented a developmental guidance program at the elementary level as part of a federal grant funded by the Elementary Counseling Demonstration Act. Taught a guidance curriculum weekly to grades Pre-K through 6th; taught parenting classes; and counseled students dealing with issues such as attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, peer difficulties, anger management, divorce, and classroom misbehavior.
School Social Work Intern, Mountain View, Bar Nunn, and Evansville Elementary Schools. Casper, Wyoming (2001). Duties: Counseled students individually and in groups; co-facilitated parent group; conducted individual education plan assessments; wrote grants to obtain funding for programs; collaborated with other school social workers; and developed, implemented and evaluated a conflict resolution program for sixth grade students.
Family Group Decision Making Facilitator, LifeNet. Casper, Wyoming (2000 - 2001). Duties: Conducted conferences with family members and professionals involved with child protection cases. Facilitated decision-making among team members, mediated disputes, recorded decisions and wrote court reports.
Graduate Assistant, University of Wyoming. Laramie, Wyoming (2000). Duties: Assisted with writing a National Institute of Mental Health Constituency and Outreach Grant (funded for $5,000); organized files, and conducted research of literature.
Social Worker, Natrona County Department of Family Services. Casper, Wyoming (1997 - 2000). Duties: Coordinated foster parent recruitment, training and certification; provided aftercare services to juvenile offenders leaving the Wyoming Boys School and Girls’ School; administered cognitive groups for juvenile offenders; taught parenting classes to foster parents and to parents of Head Start students; conducted home studies and coordinated pilot projects as necessary.
English as a Second Language Assistant, North Casper School. Casper, Wyoming (1996 - 1997). Duties: Assisted in the teaching of English to Spanish-speaking elementary students; included clerical/computer work and individual and group instruction.
Caseworker, Morgan County Department of Social Services. Fort Morgan, Colorado (1995). Duties: Provided case management to families with children in out-of-home placement; wrote court reports, and collaborated with community agencies to deliver services. A temporary position to cover maternity leave.
Intake Caseworker, Morgan County Department of Social Services. Fort Morgan, Colorado (1989 - 1990). Duties: Provided crisis intervention during evening and weekend hours in cooperation with local law enforcement and mental health agencies. Assessed need for out-of-home placement of children and filing of dependency and neglect petitions. Conducted follow-up with families, wrote court reports and treatment plans and testified in court.
Child Screener, Northeast Colorado Health Department. Fort Morgan, Colorado (1988 - 1989). Duties: Provided developmental screening and interagency referrals for children aged two months to five years in a well child clinic.
Juvenile Diversion Worker, Centennial Mental Health Center. Fort Morgan, Colorado (1985 - 1987). Duties: Assessed need for out-of-home placement or secure placement of juvenile offenders. Provided crisis intervention to families, wrote court reports and provided ongoing counseling to juvenile offenders and their families.
Caseworker, Morgan County Department of Social Services. Fort Morgan, Colorado (1984 - 1985). Duties: Performed case management duties to a small, intensive caseload comprised of adolescents and their families. Co-counseled families, taught teen parenting classes and collaborated with area mental health agencies to deliver services. Wrote court reports and testified in court. Supervised out-of-county placements of adolescent girls.

Board Member, Natrona County Community Corrections Board, 2003 – Present

Chair-Elect, Casper College Administrative Alliance

Advisory Board Member, Casper College Gender Studies Department

Advisory Board Member, Casper College Center for Excellence

Member, National Association of Social Workers

Member, National Eating Disorders Association

Member, National Academic Advising Association

Chair, Natrona County Eating Disorders Task Force, 2005 - 2009

Coordinator of Evansville Elementary School CHOICE Program, 2000 - 2001

Coordinator of Natrona County Mediation Pilot Project, 1998

Past member, Natrona County Child Protection Team

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Wyoming, since 2005

School Social Worker Certification, State of Wyoming, 2001

Boys Town Common Sense Parenting Trainer Certification, 1999
Milestones and Your Social Worker Self. Accepted for presentation at the NASW-Wyoming 2010 Annual Conference, Casper, Wyoming (September, 2010).
My Story/Her Story: The Experience of Being a Recovered Therapist. Presented at the Annual Renfrew Center Foundation Conference for Eating Disorder Professionals, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2008).
Stress Management for Emergency Dispatch Operators, Presented at Casper College, Casper, Wyoming (2008).
Making Sense of the Briar Patch: Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders. Presented at the Wyoming National Association of Social Workers Annual Conference. Lander, Wyoming (2007).
Eating Disorders Research. Presented at the Wyoming Counseling Association Annual Conference. Casper, Wyoming (2006).
Eating Disorders in the Community. Presented at the Natrona County National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and NCSD #1 Parent Advisory Council. Casper, Wyoming (2005-2006).
The Education and Training Needs of School Social Workers in Wyoming (graduate thesis). Presented at the National School Social Work Conference. Philadelphia, PA (2001).
Using Mediation in Child Protection. Presented at the Wyoming State Department of Family Services Conference, Cheyenne, WY (1999).
2007 F.L. Sievers Human Service Award Recipient: Wyoming Counseling Association, Casper, Wyoming
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