Work-life balance and stress management

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Stress and work life p
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Shamsiddin Raisov

1 Urganch State University, Foreign languages faculty
Contact number: +998937919807

Abstract: As is known from the works of G. Selye, who first studied the effect of the adaptation syndrome in 1936, stresses reflect the adaptive response developed in the process of evolution, caused by imbalance and aimed at ensuring self-preservation and maintaining the equilibrium state of an object in response to extreme external influences. Light stresses (eustress, u-stress, from the Greek. Ei - good) are inevitable and even useful: they mobilize the employee and contribute to productive adaptation to changing conditions.
At the same time, the intensity of labor, the speed of performing operations increase, attention, thinking, reaction improve, and the results of work increase.

Keywordsstress, external cause, internal cause, behavior.

The expedition of the rhythm of modern life has led to a significant increase in the physical, mental, emotional load on humans, due to everyday difficulties, interpersonal relationships, the content of the professional activity, information overload. Quite often, a person has to be in a state of emotional stress, experience a feeling of heightened anxiety, anxiety, self-doubt, i.e. experience the so-called STRESS. Such states are often accompanied not only by mental imbalance but also by some negative changes in the functioning of physiological mechanisms in the human body.
The term "stress" (translated from English stress) means "pressure, pressure, tension". "Stress is a state of tension in the human or animal body as a defensive reaction to various adverse factors (cold, starvation, physical and mental trauma, etc.)." At its core, stress is the response of the human body to overstrain, negative and positive effects. During stress, the human body produces the hormone adrenaline, which makes you look for a way out. Stress in small amounts is needed by everyone, as it makes you think, look for a way out of the problem, and in this case, it has a positive meaning. But on the other hand, if there is too much stress, the body weakens, loses strength, the ability to determine problems, and can cause serious illness.
What is stress?
Everyone experiences stress at some stage in their life. It is a way for us to know that something in our life is causing us concern and is affecting how we are thinking and feeling.
Stress is not always bad. In little doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best, but when you are constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price.

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