Global issuEs

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Global issuEs

BY Karimboyev.M


Global issues


Global wArming

Nuclear war threats

Water pollution

Garbage islands

Water polution had changed human course of earthʼs history .along with a advanced indastrial technologies 19th century introduced is with new water and air pollution and these changes could be seen easly even in 60s So events like Clean air act(1970) and Clean water act (1972) .nevertheless all these acts problem hasnʼt been solved any pollution rate have been increasing dramatecly .according to scientific facts if these rate keeps up in 2030 there will be more pIece of trash than creatures in oceans

Garbage islands

WaTer pollution

  • All those plastics and other types of left overs will not Rotten away easely even if they do they turn into micro pieces and fish consumes that pIece and that fish might come to out tabla .did you Know that every year around. 100000 marine animals dies because of those garbages that 84persentagE of them are toxic and all those trashes weights 80 000 tonnes its size is unbelivable which is 3 times biger than france and there are 1.8billion pieces of plastic there are even garbages left from last century.

Air pollution

  • Did you Know that there is no any true Clean air anywhere And most toxic gases that breeds air pollution are vomes out of motor veihicals and large industrial companies and air polution is leading to climate change what i man is global warming is caused by air pollution That breeds many ilnesses that are related to breathing and the most polluted country is china becouse of the Caol remanufactUring Fabrics coal had been one of the mani source of air pollution even in 13 century

Global warming

  • Global warming is mostly caused by realisng greenhouse to air and burning fossil fuels (Coal oila and gas) and global warming brings more storms ,increasing areal of drought,Warming and rising oceans,Loss off species,More Health risk ,poverty and you can see global warming had So many side effects like many water areaes dring and creating send and thattonmes of sand had been fling between countries just like sand that belongs to out oral desa had been found in arabia countries

Nuclear war

  • As you Know there is devestating weapon called nuclear bomb in many countries and theat of them using that weapon is only increasing and if it war to happen our climet would change totally nuclear war returnd earth back to ice age just little conflict between Pakistani and India may decrease the the tempeture 16 degree what is more war could destroy ozonE layer ,there wonʼt be anything for human to eat if they survive

Thanks for your attention

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