Country: Kazakhstan Committee

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Country: Kazakhstan

Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM)

Topic area: Strengthening the humanitarian response to global emergencies

Delegates: Durdona

Any country must be prepared in today’s closely linked environment to react to natural catastrophes, a pandemic or to a chemical and biological outbreak, with everything that comes along. The Republic of Kazakhstan began facing the COVID-19 pandemic on 16th of March 2020, that has defined by Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan and a state of emergency was declared. At the same time, population of Kazakhstan cannot leave the country, and the entry of foreign nationals into the country, except for foreign diplomats and representatives of international organizations, has been suspended since that day. The following measures and temporary restrictions were introduced during the state of emergency:

  • Quarantine has been introduced, large-scale sanitary and epidemiological measures has been carried out with the participation of the Ministry of Defense and structural subdivisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which carry out activities in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population;

  • The protection of public order, strict regime and protected facilities, as well as conveniences that ensure the vital activities of the population and the operation of the transport has been strengthened;

  • Shopping malls, shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, theaters, exhibitions and other public places were closed.

The Kazakhstan government is providing about $99 to 4.000.250 people who lost their jobs due to quarantine and more than 1.1 million people have been provided with food packages.
Current policy

By morning of May 15, the following confirmed cases were 5689 people, 34 people who died and 2531 people recovered. The largest number of new cases on 13th May was detected in the Aktobe region- 29 Kazakhstanis were infected there; next is the capital of the country – 25 infected. May 14, two more compatriots died from COVID-19.


  • Returning population to their workplaces. In the current pandemic time, the economy of all countries is remaining a decline and it is considered that the main reason for this is the closure of jobs, fabrics. In addition, financial assistance to population and various natural disasters such as floods after a heavy rain which are destroying numerous villages, are supplemented by the state budget and humanitarian aid. The people of Kazakhstan believe that in order to prevent the economic downturn, it is necessary to restore jobs and carry out disinfection work there, to restore ties with countries where pandemics are more prevalent.

  • Further support of population. Every state should continue to provide both moral and material assistance to its lower- income population, who earn a daily wage before an emergency. Of course, we will get rid of this catastrophe soon if the generous people also strengthen their humanitarian aid to their compatriots.




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