Cancer Centers of the Carolinas

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Updated 9/27/06

If you know of an MLT who may be in the job market, we have a position available and would welcome the applicants.  The position is with Cancer Centers of the Carolinas at our East Greenville location.  Cancer Centers is a physician group practice specializing in hematology and oncology.  We are a full service laboratory providing ~80% of our testing in-house. 


The current position is for an MLT, preferably 1-3 years experience, who can facilitate the flow and efficiency in the collection and processing areas as well as provide backup coverage with lab testing.  The collection/processing include everything from receiving physician orders and entering them into the LIS, patient collection, and processing for both in-house and esoteric reference testing.  We are looking for an individual who is very proficient in phlebotomy, as well as being well organized, familiar with specimen testing and requirements, very professional and compassionate with patients and their families.


This is a full time position with benefits at 32 hours per week.  Hours would be 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday.  Starting pay grade as MLT 1.


If you know of an MLT that may be interested and that you would recommend please feel free to ask them to send a resume to: HR Representative

Cancer Centers of the Carolinas

3 Butternut Drive, Suite B.

Greenville, SC  29605


Fax to:  Rachel Kincaid 864-672-7750 or visit our web site @



Karla Little, Manager of Lab Services, Cancer Centers of the Carolinas, 864-679-4034
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