Chair: Rob Hausam, Scribe: Riki Merrick Attendees

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TermInfo Conference Call Minutes
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - Time: 9:00 AM Eastern Time (1300 UTC)

Chair: Rob Hausam, Scribe: Riki Merrick

Attendees: Rob Hausam, Riki Merrick, Carmela Couderc, Jos Baptist, Yongsheng Gao

Regrets: Heather Grain, Daniel Karlsson, Heather Patrick

  • Announcements

    • HL7 WGM in Paris begins May 10th!

    • No Riki next week

  • Review and approve minutes from April 22 – Motion to approve as distributes and corrected Carmela Couderc, Jos Baptist, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 3

  • Action items review and update (if possible, please send your updates in advance)

    • From January 2015 (San Antonio) WGM TermInfo and Vocab quarters

      • Need to review and update the TermInfo PSS (will discuss on a future call)

    • From January 2014 (San Antonio) WGM TermInfo and Vocab quarters

      • Negation

        • Review and update Core Principles negation guidance (section 6.6 etc.)

        • Consider preparing Help Desk article on negation - when Negation update in Core Principle is completed (are further updates still planned?), then this will be the follow up project to promote and make more accessible to general audience (?)

        • Reach out to Jean Duteau, Larry McKnight and others

        • Recent FHIR observation value negation discussion in OO plus proposed addition of indicator elements for action "not done" in PCWG

    • Determine content and format for TermInfo Wiki page for "TermInfo in FHIR" discussion (Rob)

    • "Assertion pattern" in CDA and FHIR

      • Plan for discussion on future call(s) - see new discussion on OO list (copied to TermInfo)

      • Recommend not supporting use of ASSERTION (or equivalent) in FHIR?

  • Paris WGM TermInfo quarter (Tuesday Q2) planning

    • Housekeeping (15 min)

      • call schedule

      • how to get more participation / publicize next cycle topics (Can we visit other WGs and “advertise” topics to other WGs like SD, PC, FHIR FMG))

    • David to introduce new IHTSDO topics (30 min)

      • DSTU review and finalization – focus on the outstanding issues ONLY

      • Expression constraint language

      • IHTSDO/FHIR collaboration

    • Negation indicator use as described by Joseph Kunisch when “not done” – NOT general discussion about negation (20 min)

    • Qualifier values in value sets (25 min)

  • Continue review of IHTSDO feedback on TermInfo DSTU

    • 27 Recommendations, most of them related to the compositional grammar replacement with SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language topic

      • Agree with first two recommendations

      • Need to still get answer from IHTSDO about the spaces in the examples in SCT expressions! – Rob to reach out

      • Link to a draft document? – artifact number should always be the same with newer version – would need to link to that, not the document number – also this is on Collabnet, so not publically available!

      • Agree with change of default context to context

      • Agree with SNOMED description fixes – thank you!

      • Agree with link updates

    • 17 Suggestions – consider keeping all of these for future use?

      • Listing normative and informative at the section level? – HL7 ballot did not raise this type of comment

      • Have the editorial team review the document and the comments

    • Work through documents distributed from David Markwell – Rob to send to editor group

    • Plans for incorporating the feedback into the document

Extend the call next week to 2 hours and plan on 1 hour discussion on qualifier values and 1 hour on DSU comment review!

Call adjourned 10:20 AM EDT

  • DSTU QA review

    • Continue to review questions/comments as needed

    • Plans for updating document (including IHTSDO feedback as above)

  • Rules regarding use of SNOMED CT qualifier ("Findings values") concepts in value sets for observation results – will be discussed NEXT WEEK!

    • Review and plan to continue discussion on the call next week

    • Uncertain if discussion will happen/has happened at IHTSDO meeting this week in Copenhagen - report from Jim and/or Daniel next week?

    • Add to TermInfo and/or Vocab agendas for Paris WGM 

    • Yong's draft project document on "Descriptor qualifier values" was distributed and an overview was provided last week

    • Need clarification on IHTSDO policy about stand-alone use of qualifier and why we have the findings value hierarchy

    • Determine desired outcomes

      • Compile and/or develop rules?

  • Negation of observation value and proposed indicator elements for action "not done" in FHIR

    • Plan for making recommendations for negation in FHIR

    • Continue discussion - pending examples from Joe Kunisch

      • Recent issues raised in CCDA/QRDA for negation of Supply and Encounter

    • Add to Vocab and/or TermInfo Paris WGM agenda

  • TermInfo on FHIR!

    • Not planning to discuss on today's call

    • IHTSDO/FHIR collaboration discussion (including TermInfo considerations) being planned for Tuesday May 19th (following Paris WGM)

    • Determine desired outcomes/deliverables

      • TermInfo guidance (for implementers ) in FHIR specification "Best Practice Guide for Coding" section?

      • Future "TermInfo on FHIR!" tutorial?

      • Others

  • Negation of observation value and proposed indicator elements for action "not done" in FHIR

    • Plan for making recommendations for negation in FHIR

    • Continue discussion - pending examples from Joe Kunisch

    • Recent issues raised in CCDA/QRDA for negation of Supply and Encounter

  • Begin review of IHTSDO feedback on TermInfo DSTU

    • Discuss plans for incorporating the feedback into the document

  • DSTU QA review

    • Continue to review questions/comments

    • Plans for updating document (including IHTSDO feedback)

  • Agenda items for next week

    • Begin planning for Paris WGM TermInfo quarter (Tuesday Q2)

Future agenda items - pending

  • Update on TermInfo webinar and tutorial

    • TermInfo tutorial and Webinar need coordination with the new Implementation of Terminology tutorial

    • Consider when the TermInfo tutorial will be presented again at WGM (September 2015?)

    • Need to consider plans for webinar

"Parked" action items - pending

  • From May 2014 (Phoenix) WGM TermInfo and Vocab quarters

  • Finalize updates to TermInfo PSS (Rob) - will hold pending TermInfo planning

  • Ask HQ if there is a way to give an introduction to TermInfo at a FHIR Connectathon (Rob)

    • example exercises

    • use of post-coordinated expressions

    • ASSERTION pattern issues

      • including query responses in FHIR

    • Observables discussion in IHTSDO

      • PRID property in LOINC

  • Coordinate with Linda Bird on IHTSDO work on allergies and adverse reactions (for potential TermInfo implications)  (Rob)

  • Coordinate with Kirstine Rosenbeck Gøeg (from Denmark) on her IHTSDO SNOMED CT Implementation Advisor program work item that overlaps with TermInfo – use of SNOMED CT with different information models (HL7) - met and began discussion at the IHTSDO meeting (October 2014) (Rob)

Download 35.96 Kb.

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