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BOARD MINUTES September 20, 2011

CALL TO ORDER: The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order at 7:00 pm by the Chairman, Mike Wallewein. The School District No. 2 Trustees present to constitute a quorum were:
Mike Wallewein, Chairman Jason Hanson, Trustee

James Nagy, Vice-Chairman Lisa Kearns, Trustee

Sarah Turner, Trustee (absent)

Guests and staff in attendance were:

Tim Tharp, Superintendent District Staff

Jeanne Fairhurst, Bus. Mgr/Clerk Colony Member

Lynda Clark, Texaco Cleanup Committee

Pledge to our flag.

BUSINESS MANAGER REPORT: Minutes from the August 9th Regular/Budget Meeting were discussed. Jim Nagy made a motion to approve the minutes from August 9th as written. Lisa Kearns seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the motion was carried.
Bills and Warrants from June/August (June from prior year encumbrances) and September warrants were discussed. Lisa Kearns made a motion to approve the warrants 18494--18805. Jim Nagy seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the motion was carried.
PUBLIC COMMENTS FOR ITEMS NOT ON AGENDA: Lynda Clark, Board Representative on the Texaco Cleanup Committee gave a report on the status of the Sunburst Cleanup. Clark reported that the digging is complete and the horizontal drilling and vapor extraction piping is in place. What remains are minor projects.

Elementary Principal Report:

Supt Tharp read the Elementary Principal Report as submitted by Dan Nau, who was not present. See attached.

Superintendent Report:

  1. Athletics/Activities Update: Supt Tharp reported that the Volleyball and Football teams were working hard and doing well. Two volleyball tourneys were hosted here during the past month. We have another VB tourney scheduled to be hosted here and two MS basketball tourneys to be hosted in November and December during the MS basketball informal season. The Red/White teams have been doing great, as reported by MS Athletic Director, Kris Ryan. Thanks to Tawna Hanson, Master Sports donated T-shirts to all of the teams.

  2. Facilities Update: FICO rep met with Supt Tharp. Trying to work out a schedule to get the requested work done. Liberty Electric is almost done with their projects. The asbestos abatement is complete and the computer network is in place.

  3. Superintendent out-of-district calendar: Supt Tharp discussed his calendar plans for the month of September.

  4. Federal Funds Update: Supt Tharp discussed the status of the Federal Funds that we have been getting and using to supplement our budgets. Title I, Title IIA and Gifted all had their amounts drop. Reap funds were the only ones to have an increase and this was due to the other decreases.

  5. Recent articles on State Lands: Recent articles from the Great Falls Tribune regarding “windfalls” to schools were discussed.

  6. Reports from MASS, MREA, MQEC: Supt Tharp reported on the recent meetings that he had attended.

  7. The recent surplus sale held at the Sunburst Elementary brought in a net of $220. The football teams from Hays-Lodgepole were stranded after the football game when their team bus would not run. Supt Tharp gave them the use of one of our old yellow buses to get their players home. They came back on Monday to bring our bus back and to have their bus towed to Great Falls. They wrote a letter of thanks to the District. Also noted was that Chrissie Tharp had driven to Highwood and brought back many donated music books, cd’s, etc. that they were giving away.


September 20, 2011


  1. Consideration of a full-time Kindergarten aide: Lengthy discussion was held regarding the consideration of hiring a full-time Kindergarten aide. This was recommended by Elem Principal Nau. Mrs. Kerfoot has a considerable sized class of 18 that has a wide range of abilities. Jim Nagy made a motion to approve the hiring of an aide for the Kindergarten class and to help with other Gifted programs for the 2011-2012 fiscal school year. Jason Hanson seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the motion was carried.

  2. Discussion of Drug Testing Policy for Extra-Curricular Participation: Supt Tharp noted that several schools are implementing a Drug Testing Program for students participating in extra-curricular programs. In some cases they are implementing a program for all students. Discussion was held. Tharp will bring more information to the next Board meeting.

  3. Discussion on forming a Softball Cooperative: Supt Tharp talked to the high school girls and got eleven girls who committed to play softball if we continued the program. Tharp had talked to Cut Bank regarding a cooperative with them. They responded that Sunburst was welcome to participate in their program but the practices and games would be Cut Bank’s regular schedules and Sunburst would participate as CB Wolves. Discussion was held.

  4. Move October Board Meeting from 18th to 17th: Supt Tharp requested that the Board Meeting for October be moved from Tuesday, October 18th to Monday, October 17th due to home volleyball games. This was okay with the Board present.

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting shall be on Monday, October 17, 2011, at 7:00 pm in the NTC High School Library. Lisa Kearns made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jason Hanson seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the meeting was adjourned at 09:01 pm.

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