Boating Activities Watch Year 2017

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Boating Activities Watch Year 2017

As a Squadron policy we strive to have at least one cruising activity each month. Occasionally it becomes necessary to modify details including Captain Meetings. Any changes or event modifications will be published in our monthly newsletter the “Peace River Pilot” or in emails to all members.

February 16 Lunch Cruise, Bob’s Train Sarasota

Captain Ron Jones, 239-839-9820

March 24 - 26 Tween Waters Cruise (OW)

Captains Bill and Cindi Saunders

April 11 Lunch Cruise to Koreshan State Historic Site, Estero, FL

Captain Debi Scholtes

April 18-20 Cape Harbor Marina, Cape Coral Florida, located just off the ICW where the waterway enters the Caloosahatchee River. Arrive April 18, depart April 20, dockage $1.75 /ft/night. We have 10 slips reserved; Marina does not take individual vessel reservations in advance. All tie ups are on the Marina wall with 30 and 50 amp electrical service and water available. Full use of the marina including swimming pool. Multiple restaurants and shopping available. Captains Rick & Joyce Sluzewski
May 12 - 14 Mothers’ Day Cruise to Palm Island (OW)

Captains Harold and Jeane Anderson

May 18 Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, FL

Cruise Captain – Need Volunteer to Organize

June 7 Lunch Cruise, Capt JP Paddle wheeler, Ft Myers

Cruise Captain - Need Volunteer to Organize

June 13 - 15 Boca Grande, (OW)

Cruise Captain

July 3- 5 Cruise to Fishermans’ Village Punta Gorda, July 4th Fireworks (OW)

Cruise Captain

August 9 Lunch Cruise to Peace River Seafood, Punta Gorda

Cruise Captain – Lt/C Sandy Darna

September 21 Lunch Cruise to Mote Marine, Behind the Scenes Tour

Cruise Captain - Need Volunteer to Organize

October 18- 20 Cruise to South Seas (OW)

Cruise Captain

November 18 Lunch Cruise to Fishery Restaurant, Placida FL

Cruise Captain - Need Volunteer to Organize

December 4- 6 Christmas Cruise to Burnt Store Marina (OW)

Captains Louise and Lyle Rea

January 18 2018 Lunch Cruise, Outlet on the Inlet, Boca Grande

Cruise Captain
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