Barbebleue: the forbidden room

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An interactive video performance between fairy-tale and technology by Novoceram.

Novoceram, French ceramics manufacturer since 1863, takes the inspiration from the famous tale of «Bluebeard» by Charles Perrault to launch an initiative of Storytelling and unconventional Marketing in its new booth «Barbebleue» at Cersaie 2012, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings.


Is Bluebeard only the cruel character of an old children's story, or it can also provide the inspiration for a great unconventional marketing operation? The answer is given by Novoceram, French ceramics manufacturer since 1863, that inspired by the ancient tale by Charles Perrault, has engaged the visitors of its Stand at Cersaie 2012 in an interactive Storytelling experience to let them discover the seven corporate core values.

Francesco Catalano, author of the project, has chosen to set aside the darker side of the story and to turn the character of Bluebeard into an harmless fil rouge of an amazing journey throughout seven wonder rooms setting up the allegories of the Novoceram core values: Inspiration, Relationship, Charm, Nature, Factory, France and a last secret value hosted in a seventh forbidden room.

Only visitors who dare to enter this room, disobeying Bluebeard's ban, can finally discover the mystery hidden inside: as soon as the door closes behind them and they sit down in a cozy velvet armchair in front of a magic mirror, they can see the reflex transmute suddenly. They become protagonists of an exciting interactive video experience, where they can enjoy first-hand the last chapter of the fairy-tale. Once left the forbidden room, they have the chance to stop by a digital station to take home the souvenir of that experience: a photo with Bluebeard, taken in the forbidden room, that can be downloaded or shared live on Social Media through the App, specially developed and dedicated to the event.

In addition to this magnificent scenography at Cersaie, the theme and the character of Bluebeard have also inspired the intense activity of Novoceram on its social networks, involving fans of the Brand in the back-story of the booth and its blue bearded hero, with exclusive contents and digital applications.

To follow the backstage and all the secrets of "Barbebleue" and to (re)discover all the other Novoceram events, visit the website or the Facebook page.


An interactive video performance between fairy-tale and technology by Novoceram.





Cersaie 2012


Unconventional marketing operation and interactive storytelling experience


The Fairy-tale of Bluebeard and his rooms, each inspired by one of the core values of Novoceram


From 25th to 29th of September 2013









The story of Novoceram started in 1863 in Saint-Vallier-sur-Rhône. With its 4 million m2 of annual production, 40 million Euros of sales, a production site surface of 90,000 m2 and 170 employees, the company is one of the leading producers of ceramic tiles in France. The first French ceramic tile company to obtain the Ecolabel award and the only French ceramic producer to obtain the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system, since 2000 Novoceram has been part of the Gruppo Concorde, one of the largest producers of ceramic tiles in Europe.

INFORMATION AND INTERVIEWS: Our press office, the whole Novoceram team and Management are at your disposal for any further information or for an interview about the booths, the products or the company. Do not hesitate to contact us at:

Novoceram sas – Z.I.Orti, Laveyron BP44120 – 26241 Saint Vallier-sur-Rhône Cedex FRANCE +33 (0)475 23 50 23 -

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