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1.1. Stylistics and Its Concern
The term “Stylisticscomes from the French word, which is a derivative of the word “style”. The word style comes from the Latin word, meaning the name of a sharp instrument used by the Romans for writing on wax tablets. Later on it came to be metonymically used for a manner of writing or a mode of expressions.

Stylistics is a new branch of General Linguistics, which studies the principles and effectiveness of the choice and usage of lexical, grammatical, phonetic and graphic means of the language to render thoughts, feelings and emotions under various conditions of communication.

One of the American linguists Michael Riffater wrote: “Stylistics studies the act of communication not merely as producing a verbal chain, but as bearing the speaker’s personality and as compelling the addressee’s attention”.

Stylistics studies the means of linguistic expressiveness in carrying a huge load of information. To decode this information, one should give a detailed and thorough analysis of the stylistic functioning of all the linguistic means used.

Stylistics is a part of Poetics, a science, which studies the structure of literary works and the system of aesthetic means used. Stylistics is subdivided into Literary and Lingual Stylistics.

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