About myself

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About myself

Art menejment 125-20

Ravshanova Nazokat

My childhood

  • In my opinion,childhood should be happiest time in every person’s life.My childhood was happy and memorable.My parents did their best to make me feel happy.My dad would always take me to parks,buy me sweets,ice cream.My mum used to read me bedtime stories and play different games with me and with dad.Also grandparents spent lots of time with me

My education

Education play a very important role in our life.Its one of the most valuable possessions can get in our life.My parents paid a lot of attention to my education.At the age of three I went to Russian-language kindergarten.Then I went to a state SECONDARY SCHOOL SPECIALIZING IN FOREING LANGUAGES until the ninth grade.And I entered the ISLAMIC ACADEMIC LYCEUM IN 2018

My family

  • Family is the first school in person’s life.I have big and a very close-knitted family.I love my family because they help me succeed in what I want to do and they support me in what to do.I put my family above everything.
  • We’re 7 persons in our family.They are: dad,mom sister and brother.My grandparents also stay with us

My character

I have both weak and strong points in my character. I am certainly a bit ashamed of my weak points and I do my best to get rid of them. As for my strong features of character, I value and cherish them.

Everyone tells me that I take after my dad.I love people and the world around me.I’m good listener) The downside of my character is that I am very stubborn.The speed of my anger gives me a reason in life

Thank you for your attention!!!

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