An accident that affected to my childhood

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An accident that affected to my childhood
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An accident that affected to my childhood

Childhood is one of the most memorable and unforgettable periods which people miss during their whole lives. But there may be some situations which can affect our childhood. One of this kind of accidents that happened in my childhood is my grandfather’s death.

It was one of the cool days of November. At that time, I was fourth grade at school. At the evening, my grandfather became ill because he did agricultural work all day despite of snow. He said that if he did not do it that day, it might be even cooler the following day and all harvest would be damaged. Because of his illness, all our relatives were gathered at our home and called ambulance to cure him. Fortunately, after the doctor came, my grandfather got well, had supper with us and talked till the midnight.

-Come here my little daughter! – he said to me. I jumped towards him.

-Grandfather, you frightened me a lot. I thought you would die. If you die, what would I do? I love you very much-I said with tears at one time with naughtiness.

-I will not die until you become bride-he laughed and kissed from my forehead.

Then he went to the living room in order to watch TV. But, when I entered that room after approximately one hour, I could not find him and told my uncle. Immediately, all of us began to search him and found in the corner of the yard. But he was dead.

My whole world and happiness collapsed and I did not want to do anything except just crying, because I lost one of the most important and necessary people in my life. I felt as if I was in the darkest place. Even my parents could not console me. But, as our people say, time is the best cure for any kind of problem. After approximately 3months, I began to speak, eat and play like in the past when I was with my grandfather.

However, this dreadful accident affected to my unconcerned childhood. Even now, after about ten years, I cannot forget that day. It is written in my memory like a piece of writing in the stone.

Abduboqiyeva Dilshoda

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