2016 Green Streets-Green Jobs-Green Towns Grantees The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region, $29,760

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2016 Green Streets-Green Jobs-Green Towns Grantees

The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region, $29,760
The Salvation Army Harrisburg Building Acquisition and Expansion Project

Harrisburg, PA

The Salvation Army Harrisburg will develop a conceptual and engineering design for the stormwater management system at their new facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The Salvation Army Harrisburg, in collaboration with Capital Region Water, is committed to ensuring that the stormwater facilities not only meet, but exceed the Commonwealth requirements.

Redevelopment Authority of Cumberland County, $30,000
The Carlisle Urban Stormwater Park (CUSP) Project- Summer 2016-Spring 2017
Carlisle, PA

In partnership with the Borough of Carlisle, the Redevelopment Authority of Cumberland County (RACC) will develop engineering designs for the southern portion of the Carlisle Urban Stormwater Park (CUSP) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The proposed stormwater park will feature a series of stormwater BPMS and detention elements interconnected with a series of park and recreation facilities via a multi-use trail.

County of Blair, $66,825
Blair County Emergency Services Parking Improvement Green Infrastructure Enhancements Hollidaysburg, PA

This project proposes to implement green infrastructure enhancements to a planned parking improvement project at the Blair County Emergency Management Center; 615 4th St.; Altoona, PA. The parking improvements proposed include green infrastructure components such as amended soils, native trees, shrubs, and perennials and a proprietary stormwater treatment BMP.

Blue Water Baltimore, $50,000
Improving Tree Health and Canopy in Deep Blue Neighborhoods

Baltimore City, MD

Blue Water Baltimore will target 3 neighborhoods in our Deep Blue Program to plant street trees to reduce the urban heat island effect and polluted runoff. Working with neighborhood partners they will plant 160 new trees and remove over 8,000 sf of concrete.

Parks and People Foundation, $18,199
A "Green Street" Concept for Reisterstown Road in Mondawmin

Baltimore City, MD

The Parks & People Foundation will create a "Green Street" design for a section of Reisterstown Road that is being redeveloped by the Enterprise Homes.

Town of Bath, $20,000
A Bath for the Bay
Berkeley Springs, WV

This implementation project located along Washington Street (U.S. Route 522) transports 12,000 vehicles per day and is "Main Street" Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. This project will successfully demonstrate how green infrastructure is cost effective with better environmental and social outcomes compared to their non-green counterparts.

Town of Edmonston, $74,720
Helping the Chesapeake's Water Quality by Creating a Green Street that Will Create Green Jobs

Edmonston, MD

The town will recreate a four-block thoroughfare in this neighborhood, into a green street anchored by three rain garden that will capture the imagination of the community and 24 street trees. With a design shaped by the residents, this green street will protect and enhance the water quality the Chesapeake Bay area.

Borough of Chambersburg, $115,269
Rhodes Drive Reconstruction and Stormwater BMP Implementation Project
Chambersburg, PA

The Borough of Chambersburg, located in Franklin County, PA, seeks to implement a stormwater BMP and road reconstruction project along Rhodes Drive, a one-way emergency access road in the Borough. The proposed project improvements will be comprised of green and gray infrastructure elements including the construction of a bio-retention area, storm inlet structure replacement, installation of pervious sidewalk, and road reconstruction.

James River Association, $29,995
Integrating the Flow of People and Water in Bellemeade
Richmond, VA

Through this funding, the partners will develop a green street concept plan for Minefee Street, which was identified as one of the main walking routes for residents, particularly students of Oak Grove-Bellemeade Elementary School.

Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States, Inc., $49,955
Showcasing Green Infrastructure at an Urban Nature Sanctuary
Chevy Chase, MD

The Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) will install and maintain a showcase rain garden at its Woodend Nature Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The rain garden will use innovative permeable berms that minimize the need for soil excavation that would harm the critical root zones of nearby trees. This project is the second in a series of demonstration green infrastructure projects that ANS plans to install and use to inspire landowners to use green infrastructure on their own properties.

Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, $58,780
Revitalizing Druid Heights through Green Community Master Action Plan and Vacant Lot Site Plan
Baltimore City, MD

The Druid Heights Community Development Corporation (DHCDC) intends to complete a Green Community Master Action Plan and a set of construction documents for a vacant lot design. By incorporating the city's sustainability initiatives, the DHCDC hopes revitalize their neighborhood and contribute to the stewardship of the Jones Fall and Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Southeast Community Development Corporation, $75,000
Connecting Tree Canopies in Highlandtown
Baltimore City, MD

The Southeast Community Development Corporation proposes to increase the tree canopy and remove impervious surfaces to reduce run off in the urban neighborhood of Highlandtown, in southeast Baltimore City.

The Town of Burkittsville, $24,986
Burkittsville Green Street and Stormwater Master Plan

Burkittsville, MD

The Town of Burkittsville will procure a Green Street and Stormwater Master Plan to identify causes and locations of flooding, erosion, and water quality impairment; select retrofits and best management practices for Town and private properties; and create a Green Street and Stormwater Master Plan that will improve streetscape and stormwater infrastructure, protect the Town's natural resources, water quality, and historical, assets, and provide a vision in which Burkittsville's leadership, property owners, stakeholders, and potential funding entities can invest.

East Pennsboro Township, $35,000
East Pennsboro Township Regional Connections Project
Enola, PA

The will incorporate green infrastructure into a current regional connectivity study that will analyze how to improve the pedestrian/bicycle connectivity between school district and college campuses and residential and commercial uses. The Township will use this opportunity to plan for green infrastructure that would be designed and constructed in tandem with a larger regional connections improvement plan and will serve as a catalyst for future green stormwater initiatives.

City of Salisbury, $75,000
City of Salisbury Main Street Masterplan
Salisbury, MD

The Main Street Masterplan project is a multi-year, phased plan to reconstruct Main Street and revitalize Downtown Salisbury by incorporating stormwater management, erosion and sediment control and green infrastructure elements in an effort to improve the City's ecological footprint. The project will replace all utilities and provide improved pedestrian access and crosswalks, traffic calming, bike friendly roadways, street lights and landscape features.

Town of Capitol Heights, $30,000
Chambers Ave Green Street

Capitol Heights, MD

Improvements would occur on Chambers Avenue, Capitol Heights Boulevard, and Davey Avenue to include bicycle lanes, improved pedestrian facilities, stormwater management enhancements, and streetscape/landscape/lighting improvements.

Environmental Law Institute, $20,000
Linking Climate Resilience Data with Local Green Infrastructure Siting and Design

Washington, D.C.

The Environmental Law Institute will prepare a white paper drawing on newly available data sets and climate adaptation tools in the region to enable local governments in Maryland and Virginia to site and design green infrastructure practices more effectively.

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