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to all who are interested in new opportunities for education in our region

Seminar: Creativity and business

How to get education, communities, businesses to interact about innovation?

Time: Monday 27 May 2013, Time 09.45 to 15.00

Location: CODE Bergen Art Museum,
Permanenten West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Nordahl Bruns gate 9 (map)

Education that fosters creativity. Education in collaboration with local businesses. Education as a driver of innovation and entrepreneurship in our region. Sounds like a utopia?

The seminar "Creativity and Business" will focus on how entrepreneurship and innovation can occur when one manages to break old barriers between them and us, between disciplines and areas of expertise, between education and business, between then and now. This is not a seminar on good intentions, but the launch of the methods, processes, actors and cooperation that will provide tangible results in our region.

The seminar is collaboration between HiB, Flettverk and the EU project "Clear".

Center for Innovation at the University of Bergen is a research and competence center in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Flettverk is a facilitator for groundbreaking and innovative interaction processes between education, communities and businesses.

Clear is an international EU project with the goal of developing strategies to raise awareness in education about the importance of creativity in innovation processes.

See the exhibition "Flettverk at Dale"
The result of what 9 textile designers from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO) and Dale of Norway got through a week of creative collaboration


09.45 Registrations
10:00 Welcome

Innovation in collaboration between education and industry


Innovation and creativity - the role of education in regional innovation

Jens Kristian Fosse

Assistant Professor, Centre of Innovation, BUC


Flettverk at Dale

Tone Boska/Siv Støldal

Project managers, Flettverk


Dale of Norway

Lorents Tveit

Production Director, Dale of Norway


The Municipality

Erik Haga

Mayor, Vaksdal Municipality



Education is changing?


Across education and industry and across disciplines - Experiences from design programs.

Stein Rokseth

Dean, Faculty of Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Collaboration with industry clusters in the region - impact on teaching and research?

Inger Beate Pettersen

Assistant Professor, Centre of Innovation, BUC


Knowledge sharing and learning in creative meetings

Kirsti Brein

Professor, Faculty of Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts


Innovation education and drama

Stig A Eriksson

Professor, Centre of Arts, Culture and Communication, BUC


Regional educational landscape and regional innovation

Tobias Christoph Werler

Professor, Centre of Educational Research, BUC



14: 20



End of Conference

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