Garrett Park es lesson Plan Where does this lesson fit in the instructional sequence? Library Skills

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Name: Julia Bell Date: September 30, 2009

Subject/Grade: Media Lesson with Ms. Lautman’s 3rd grade class

Garrett Park ES Lesson Plan
Where does this lesson fit in the instructional sequence?
Library Skills: Locating fiction books

Reading/Language Arts: Dictionary skills (alphabetizing)
What do my students need to know and be able to do
English Language Proficiency Standards


5.3. Recognize the basic principles in English.

c. Put letters and simple words in alphabetic order.
Reading/Language Arts Curriculum-Grade 2

Quarter 4: Reading purposes- Dictionary Skills
Information Literacy

Outcome (s):

2 Students will be able to locate resources to meet an identified need.

Indicator: A.1. Recognize fiction arrangement and content.

Indicator: A.2. Recognize non-fiction arrangement and content.
Maryland Technology Literacy Standards for Students


3.0 Technology for Learning and Collaboration: Use a variety of technologies for learning and collaboration

A.1.a. Use technology tools, including software and hardware, from a range of teacher-selected options to learn new content or reinforce skills

What are the objectives of this lesson?

By the end of the lesson, students will participate in a lesson using the Promethean Board to review the different sections of the media center, call numbers, how fiction books are organized, and alphabetizing. They will practice these skills by playing an alphabetizing game and completing a class activity.

What materials do I need?

  • Promethean Board- including ActivPen and Flipchart

  • Shelf Elf doll

  • “Alphabetizing War” playing cards-one deck for each student

  • Call number cards-enough for each student to have one

  • Shelf markers

What is my plan for my getting students there?

Students will enter the media center and sit at tables in instructional area. We will quickly go over the objectives of the lesson. Then we will begin by reviewing the Dewey Decimal System and the book, The Shelf Elf.

Direct Instruction/Modeling:

Using the Promethean Board, I will review with students the four sections (“neighborhoods”) of the media center, call numbers, and more specifically, how fiction books are arranged.

Guided Practice:

At this point, I will have students interact with the Promethean Board. I will ask students to identify the correct call number for specific authors and practice putting books in alphabetical order according to call number.

Direct Instruction/Modeling:

I will explain the card game, “Alphabetizing War,” to students (see attached directions). I will use two pages in the Flipchart to aid me in this process, simulating how the students will play the game.

Independent Practice:

Students pair-up by elbow buddies; they should already be seated by the classroom teacher next to someone they can work cooperatively with. Students will play “Alphabetizing War” in pairs as I monitor their actions and evaluate if students comprehend the concepts.


Class activity- each student will be given a card with a call number on it. In groups by color, they will either be asked to put themselves in alphabetical order in the front of the class, or take a shelf marker and locate a book on the fiction shelves with that call number.

How will I know if my students have learned what I intended?


Ongoing formative evaluation-I will ask for EPR’s throughout instruction, and I will evaluate students’ knowledge during game play and closure activity.

What will I do when they don’t get it? What will I do if they already know it?


I will provide more or less prompting during direct instruction, guided practice, and activities. Students can also play the game at his/her own pace.

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