Traffic advisory chhath puja celebrations 2016

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Chhath Puja’ will be celebrated in the N.C.T. of Delhi, on 6th November, 2016 evening till 7th November, 2016 morning. On 6th November thousands of devotees will be congregating at various Ghats of river Yamuna and other water bodies like lakes/canals/ponds etc., since afternoon. The prayers are offered at the time of sunset. While some devotees may leave after the sunset prayers, several will stay for the night at the Ghats only, in tents etc. Next day morning i.e., on 07.11.2016 again people will gather at the Ghats at the time of sunrise and offer prayers after which they will disperse.
The main Ghats/lakes/canals/areas witnessing heavy congregation of devotees are as follows:

Sl. No.



Approx Number of devotees likely to visit.

East/North East, Delhi

Shamshan Ghat opposite Soor Ghat



Purvi Ghat, Wazirabad


Backside of Nanaksar Gurdwara


Ghat Garhi Mandu


Ghats of Sonia Vihar & Chauhan Patti


ITO bridge Yamuna River Eastern side



Rainy Well, Shakarpur and IP Estate.


Pushta Thokar No. 11 in front of Bank Enclave.



Kondli Canal, New Ashok Nagar.


Central /North, Delhi

Kudesiya Ghat/Geeta Ghat near ISBT



Yamuna Ghat



Soor Ghat



Shyam Ghat



Ram Ghat



Kali Ghat


Hathi Ghat


South/South-East, Delhi

Kalindi Kunj



Agra canal, Badarpur


4-A DDA Park, PS Kalkaji



Shiv Ghat, Near Sri Ram Chowk


Vishkarma Ghat


Lohia Pul


Bhalaswa lake  



Bawana canal



Haiderpur Canal, Bawana Road Near Telephone Exchange.



Haiderpur Canal, in between Badli and Sector –15 Rohini.



Haiderpur Canal, Iron Bridge & B Block Shalimar Bagh to Prem Bari Pul, Ring Road.


Haiderpur Canal, Keshavpuram.


Hindu Vihar near Railway Line 40 ft Road Prem Nagar.


Shiv Mandir, Inder Enclave, Sultanpuri.


DDA Park, Sector -10 Narela.

Western Delhi

Jai Vihar, Nangloi.


Ganda Nala, Pulia, Paschim Vihar


Mahavir Enclave Telephone Exchange


Keeping in view the huge gatherings expected at the ghats/water bodies, elaborate traffic arrangements have been made.

Roads likely to face congestion
Normal flow of traffic is likely to be affected in the afternoon/evening of 6th November and in the morning of 7th November, 2016 on roads adjoining the major Ghats of Yamuna and water bodies like Bhalaswa lake and Haiderpur Canal. Appropriate diversions will be made by the traffic police based on grounds requirement. Commuters are advised to avoid the roads adjoining the Ghats/Chhath Puja sites for example, stretch of Outer Ring Road from Mukarba Chowk to Chandgi Ram Akhara, Wazirabad Bridge, Roads near ISBT Kashmere Gate, Pushta Road (Khajoori/Shastri Park), Kalindi Kunj Bridge etc.
Limited Parking will be available at the following locations:

  • Parking at Shahdara loop from Monastery side onwards

  • Parking in DDA Park adjacent to the Flood Control Board

  • Parking near U turn, Sanyas Ashram on Shahdara loop from Monastery side onwards near ISBT.

  • Parking near Delhi Sectt. & Pushta Road

  • Chhath Pooja Ghat, ITO

  • Kachcha Road near Pontoon Bridge, Nanaksar

  • Near Shamshan Ghat, Geeta Colony

  • Parking on Eastern Velodorme Road opposite Sectt.

  • Parking on Eastern Pushta near ITO

  • Parking at Bhalaswa lake

  • Parking near Kalindi Kunj

  • Single lane parking on Agra Canal Road.

  • Single lane Parking on Agra canal Road, Lakkad Market & Road side of Agra canal

TRAFFIC DIVERSIONS: (Timings: 3.00 pm – 8.00 pm on 06.11.16 and 4.00 am – 7.00 am on 07.11.16)

  • No HTV/LGV will be allowed from Mukarba Chowk on Outer Ring Road towards Chandgi Ram Akhara.

  • Depending on congestion on ITO Bridge, traffic coming from trans Yamuna towards ITO may be diverted on Pushta Road to take Geeta Colony Bridge or Nizamudin Bridge.

  • In Kalindi Kunj, vehicles of Chhath Puja devotees will be diverted from Jaitpur Road to Lakkad Market for Agra Canal Road.

  • All vehicles shall approach Kalindi Ghat via Road No. 13 A or from Noida Bridge.

  • The general Traffic coming from Mathura Road side on Pushta Road shall be allowed on Agra Canal Road via link Road.

Instructions to general public

  1. There will be no restrictions for New Delhi Railway Station, Old Delhi Railway Station, Nizamuddin Railway Station and ISBT. However, people should leave in advance and keep sufficient time to accommodate possible delay in routes.

  2. People are requested to avail public transport like Delhi Metro to help decongestion of Roads.

  3. Park your vehicles only at designated parking lots.

  4. Roadside parking must be avoided as it causes hindrance to normal flow of traffic.

  5. In case of any unidentified object or suspicious person seen, information must be conveyed to the nearest policeman on duty.

  6. General public and motorists are advised to have patience, observe traffic rules & Road discipline and follow directions of traffic personnel deployed at all intersections.

  7. People are requested to plan their journey in advance to avoid inconvenience.


Joint Commissioner of Police

Traffic (HQ), New Delhi.

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