Press Release Appointment of sfc advisory Committee Member

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Press Release
Appointment of SFC Advisory Committee Member

Friday, November 8, 2002

The Financial Secretary has appointed Mr Brett P Goodin to the Advisory Committee (the Committee) of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) for a period of seven months up to 31 May 2003. Mr Goodin is the President of Fidelity Investments Management (HK) Limited.
Announcing the appointment today (November 8), the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Frederick Ma, said that the SFC has benefited greatly from the advice of the Committee in past years.
"Mr Goodin would be able to bring his professional expertise and rich experience in the fund management industry to the Committee," Mr Ma said.
He paid tribute to Mr Keith Ferguson who has resigned from the Committee for personal reasons.
The terms of appointment of Mr Goodin will dovetail with those of other members serving the Committee.
The appointment has been made with the authority delegated from the Chief Executive under section 10 of the Securities and Futures Commission Ordinance (Cap. 24).
The Committee is a statutory committee established to advise the SFC on policy matters regarding the performance of its functions in the regulation of the securities and futures market. The Chairman of the SFC, Mr Andrew Sheng, presides at its meetings. Other Members of the Committee are Mrs Alexa Lam, Mr Ashley Alder, Mr Thaddeus Beczak, Mr Didier Balme, Mr Ambrose Cheung, Mr Paul Chow, Mr Paul Fan, Mr Mario Francescotti, Ms Christina Hui, Mr Stephen Hui, Ms Christine Loh, Mr Samuel Poon and Dr Eden Woon.

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