Stanwood nmtp advisory Committee Meeting #2

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Stanwood NMTP Advisory Committee Meeting #2 | 5.12.16

Field Tour Summary Notes

Stanwood Senior Planner; Carly Ruacho, Advisory Committee; Jan Williamson, Adam Goldstein, Marshall Will, Bob Hitz, Scott Lankford, Alta; Nora Daley-Peng, Katie O’Lone, TSI, Inc.; Victor Salemann


Based on the project team’s existing conditions field inventory, public feedback received at the April 28th Community Workshop, and survey data collected thus far; the areas indicated on the attached map were identified as areas of concern and/or opportunity. On May 12, 2016, we conducted a field tour of these areas with the Stanwood Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Advisory Committee to discuss specific challenges with existing conditions and brainstorm possible solutions.


2:00pm to 2:10pm Field Tour Overview (meet at Stanwood City Hall)

2:15pm to 3:45pm Field Tour (see stops below)

3:45pm to 4:00pm Recap Key Observations/Next Steps

4:00pm Adjourn


Site (Area of Concern/Opportunity)

Why we are visiting the site?


Intersections: 270th & 102nd (Old Pacific Hwy) and 271st & 102nd (Old Pacific Highway)

Discuss crossing busy street and connections to Stanwood Elementary

  • Problem – cars back up during rush hour at the signalized Highway 532 intersection and block the 4 way stop intersection at 270th. Drivers are focusing on the traffic signal at the intersection of Highway 532 instead of stopping at the 4 way stop.

  • Design solution can work with the existing offset intersection

  • Improvements ideas discussed include: “Paint the box” at intersection, add curb bulb outs, and gateway treatments.

  • Improving ped/bike safety and flow at the intersection would be a great connection to the Old Brick Road (270th) that is programed as a Festival Street on Saturdays during the Summer.

  • A lot of people cut across north of intersection

  • Dance classes nearby leads to people crossing

  • Road cyclists generally bypass 102nd (Pacific Hwy) because it doesn’t have bike lanes or shoulders.

  • Make sure school signs flash

  • 271st is more crucial than 270th because more students are crossing

  • 271st is missing crosswalks

  • 273rd – recommendation for RRFB; raised crosswalks

  • 273rd – busier; more crucial; kids crossing – little kids walking by themselves to Stanwood Elementary School.

  • Crosswalk and sidewalk is missing on west side of Old Pacific Hwy between 272nd and 273rd.

  • 272nd and 102ndno crosswalk; no sidewalk on west side of 102nd

  • School zone sign doesn’t flash on south side; school sign should be moved south to extend south zone

  • Consider a series of RRFB, bump outs and/or raised crosswalks along the Downtown Stanwood portion of Old Pacific Hwy to calm traffic and create a gateway to Stanwood


271st St (Drive from 102nd to Amtrak Station)

Study adding of bike lanes on 271st

  • Wayfinding to QFC and Food bank

  • RRFB at crossing

  • Guidelines to when to mark/not mark crosswalks

  • Remove turn lane? Otherwise no room for bike lanes

  • Crosswalk on 2 corners only


Intersection: 271st St & 84th Ave NW

Discuss how to make that a safe crossing

  • Jay walking is common

  • Bump outs to make pedestrian crossing visible to drivers

  • Bulbs outs, pedestrian island, and/or RRFB at 271st? Use decision matrix to study impact of various improvements

  • Head in parking encourages jay walking; would like to see back-in parking instead; will slow people down

  • Study back-in parking. Would need to add curb stops

  • Parking – no parking loss allow but could put compact car parking at corners

  • Hitch on trucks can be hard for back in parking

  • Crucial crossing for cyclists traveling n/s on 84th Ave NW

  • Need crosswalk from parking lot to Amtrak

  • Study bump outs at 84th for crossing


Connection from Downtown to residential area up the hill (Cedarhome Dr. intersection & bridge)

Discuss topography change, existing stairs, safety of intersection, ped/bike improvements along Pioneer Hwy

  • Add median and/or candles east of railroad crossing to clarify circulation. Increases safety of people not going around gates

  • Consider Painted fog line with vibration

  • Get rid of Triangle Road and make for non-motorized use

  • Need to fix both crosswalks and stairs Keep actual costs in mind for topography challenges, etc.

  • Add stop signs at south

  • Add sidewalk improvements to one side of the bridge

  • Brick road – could have better, wider sidewalks, but difficult to bike

  • Most people walk on gravel path on Triangle Road

  • Have to dismount off bikes

  • Need ADA compliant ramps

  • Deep ditch at Les Schwab would require sub surface pipe if sidewalk was installed

  • Can you keep the sidewalk on the south side?


80th Ave NW (Drive) – Focus on area between 276th and Wahl Rd

Discuss safety and access to schools

  • Shoulder opportunities?

  • Additional sidewalks likely need to wait until properties are developed.

  • Need sidewalk on one side; suggest the west side which is more well-used and has a 500 foot stretch with sidewalk

  • Study short and long term solutions


Intersection: Wahl & Cedarhome Rd

Discuss safe access to new grocery store

  • Reference Safe Routes to School project with tie into intersection

  • Need sidewalk to connect to existing walks to the west

  • Striped no-parking zone north side of the road along the grocery store is confusing for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Cedarhome & Wahl – drive thru for café window

  • Drivers leaving drive-thru window have to get into the crosswalk to see past the building

  • Kids were walking on Wahl where there isn’t a sidewalk

  • Grocery store is getting a bike rack

  • At least 9 kids on bicyclists observed crossing the intersection

  • Crossing guard was crossing kids on Cedarhome Rd


Lindstrom Loop

Discuss connecting the loop and wayfinding

  • Good start on the loop trail (Lindstrom Village Loop Trail)

  • Close the loop

  • Idea for Geocaching

  • Add mileage markers

  • Need mowing agreement

  • Jack Ganner – artist/mural in cinema

  • Needs improved signage/wayfinding

  • Add signage/public art to identify trail entries

  • Need to define trail through parking lot

  • Add walkway connection along the north loop road

  • Fix what has been done and close the loop

Recap/Next Steps:

  • Advisory Committee liked brainstorming solutions for the stops that we visited during the field tour

  • Idea to advertise for Workshop #2 at car show (6/26)

  • Park levy coming up. Consider nexus between non-motorized transportation improvements and parks

  • Discussion about upcoming Workshop #2 and prioritization process with Advisory Committee

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