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Group: 061-21
Topic: Famous IT universities
Student: Rajapova Fotima

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to create, process, store, extract and exchange all kinds of electronic data and information. IT is commonly used in the context of business transactions, as opposed to personal or entertainment technology. It is considered a subset of information and communication technologies (ICT). An information technology system (IT system) is, as a rule, an information system, a communication system, or, more specifically, a computer system that includes all hardware, software, and peripheral devices equipment - operated by a limited group of IT users.
People have been storing, extracting, manipulating and transmitting information since the Sumerians in Mesopotamia developed writing around 3000 BC. However, the term "information technology" in its modern sense first appeared in a 1958 article published in the Harvard Business Review; authors Harold J. "the new technology does not yet have a single well-established name. Let's call it information technology (IT)." Their definition consists of three categories: processing methods, application of statistical and mathematical methods of decision-making, and modeling of higher-order thinking using computer programs.
The term is commonly used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also covers other information dissemination technologies such as television and telephones. Some products or services in the economy are related to information technology, including computer equipment, software, electronics, semiconductors, the Internet, telecommunications equipment, and e-commerce.
Based on the data storage and processing technologies used, four different stages of information technology development can be distinguished: pre-mechanical , mechanical (1450-1840), electromechanical (1840-1940) and electronic (1940 to the present). This article is devoted to the most recent period (electronic).

Information technology is also a branch of computer science, which can be defined as the general study of procedures, structure and processing of various types of data. As this field continues to evolve worldwide, the overall priority and importance has also grown, and this is where we are starting to see the introduction of computer science-related courses in K-12 education. However, concerns have been raised that most schools lack advanced training courses in this area.

Well known IT universities
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1st place in the world

Cost: $41545 per year

The best information technology university in the world. It is located in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
For admission, you must pass the TOEFL English proficiency test (at least 100 points out of 120), the American SAT test (at least 1520 points out of 1600), have high grades in school and, of course, be socially active.
It is necessary to start preparing for admission at least a year before submitting documents. Applications are accepted until January 1. Anyone can listen to a course of lectures from MIT teachers on the official website of the institute.
ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
8th place in the world
Cost: $1,310 per year
The most prestigious university in Switzerland. Education at the university is conducted in German, so applicants must confirm their level of proficiency in German. Also, applicants should be provided with transcripts of school grades for the last three years.
International students will have to take entrance exams in mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry. At the end of the first year, an exam is held, after which half of the students are eliminated.
The most famous graduate of the university is the author of the theory of relativity Albert Einstein.
Tsinghua university
17th place in the world
Cost: $58 per year
It is considered the best technical university in China. For admission, you need knowledge of the Chinese language, good health, and the applicant also takes exams depending on the chosen specialty.
If you don't know Chinese, it's not a problem. At the university, you can take a long-term Chinese language study program. Students are divided into levels according to the results of the Chinese language test.
University of Melbourne
13th place in the world
Cost: $38976 per year
The University uses the latest teaching methods. Within its walls, scientists have developed a computer model of the collision of continents.
Graduates of this university are highly valued in international companies. Only 10% of applicants enter the university.
For admission, you need an IELTS (7.0+) or TOEFL (94+) certificate and high grades. Deadline for submission of documents: until May 31 (the beginning of the academic year in July), November 30 (the beginning of the academic year in February).
International IT university
1st place in Kazakhstan
cost: 776875 tenge (2466$) per year
The best university in the country in the field of information technology. For admission, you need to pass an interview and entrance exams in English and computer science.
Admission of applicants to the IITU is carried out according to their applications on a competitive basis in accordance with the points of the certificate issued according to the results of the unified national testing or comprehensive testing.
Applications for participation in the comprehensive testing are accepted from June 20 to July 9. Comprehensive testing is carried out from July 17 to July 23.
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