Southwest farm and home expo scholarship

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The Elk City Chamber of Commerce Southwest Farm and Home Expo Committee will award scholarships to be given to worthy graduating seniors pursuing an Agriculture related degree during our Expo on April 2nd and

3rd . The recipients of these awards will be chosen by a board comprised of the Southwest Farm and Home Expo members.

The Scholarship will be awarded to students to be used for tuition or books

at the Vocational Technical School, College or University of his/her choice.

Payment will be made directly to the institution.

  1. Applicant must furnish a certified transcript attached to this

form for proof of 2016 graduation.

  1. List activities in 4-H or FFA during high school.

  2. Financial need described in a paragraph of approximately

75 words.

  1. List of higher educational institutions you plan to attend or

apply to for the Fall of 2016.

  1. 250 word essay addressing your feelings on the future of U.S.

agriculture in your own handwriting.

6. Must be pursuing an Agriculture related degree.

7. Must have cover sheet with your name, address and phone number.
Please complete the requirements and mail to the following address. We must receive it by March 10, 2016.
Elk City Chamber of Commerce

Southwest Farm and Home Expo Scholarship

P. O. Box 972, Elk City, OK 73648

Thank you,
Spencer Smith & Kenneth Hart, Co-Chairs

Southwest Farm and Home Expo Committee

Download 13.46 Kb.

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