Roger McFarlane Sculptor ~~~Po Box 549 Newcastle nsw australia 2300

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Roger McFarlane Sculptor ~~~Po Box 549 Newcastle NSW Australia 2300

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Roger McFarlane

Po Box 549

Newcastle 2300

NSW Australia

Mb+61 (0)418 686280


Roger has made sculpture in a wide range of materials and styles. Roger has worked in Marble, Granite, Timber, Stainless Steel, Acrylic and Video.

His sculptures and drawings are in Public and Private Collections in Australia and many countries around the world.

Roger has sculptures and drawings for sale from his studio showroom, and is also available to take on commissions both public and private.

His overarching principal is dedication to a high quality and professional art work that will stand the test of time.


Roger McFarlane: BFA

Roger was born in Newcastle New South Wales Australia. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Newcastle. Roger has had a fascination for stone sculpture all of his life .He works on a variety of sizes from 30cm to 300cm. His studio is equipped to work in stone and welded steel. Roger also has a small bronze foundry which allows him to cast up to 35kg. He has been fortunate to be invited to create public sculptures in Australia, South Korea, China, Brazil and Switzerland. Roger says enjoys the process and the challenge of creating an art work from strong materials. Roger has also restored damaged marble sculptures.

Roger has acted as a judge for various sculpture exhibitions in Newcastle and Sydney. Roger has also been invited as a guest speaker at various international conferences on sculpture. Roger has exhibited his work in over sixty shows both in Australia and overseas.

I like to work in both abstract and figurative styles. Capturing the essence of the concept without being excessively littoral is my ambition. The works must speak to the observer and not be deliberately obscure. If an artist has not communicated with his audience, and involved the spectator’s imagination, then he has failed.

My sculptures have to have a well finished appearance. The work of an artist should show that its creator had commitment, dedication and the skills to bring his ideas to fruition.

I work mostly in stone, such as marble and Granite, I also have cast many sculptures in Bronze. Some of my sculptures have been in Wood and Steel. It is important for a sculptor to be versatile and relate to a range of materials.

When commissioned to create a sculpture I try to make an art work that the target audience will appreciate, without compromising my artistic integrity.


Roger was initially trained by Derek Morgan, a gifted sculptor who inspired Roger to continually try harder. Roger learnt to carve marble in Italy. He travelled to Italy in 1994, 1997, and 1999 where he was trained at the Palla Atelier. Claudio Palla is a fourth generation sculptor and is highly respected as a sculptor is proficient at the art of intarsia and sculpture restoration. Roger also completed a fine art degree at the University of Newcastle.

2014 May The Gardens Sculpture Prize, Hunter Botanical Gardens ‘Highly Commended’

2014 February Newcastle Show Sculpture exhibition 1st Prize

2013 February Maitland Art Prize 1st Prize Abstract Sculpture

2011 February Maitland Art Prize 1st Prize Abstract Sculpture

2010 September Mattara Sculpture exhibition 2nd Prize Indoor Category

2010 September David Latham Memorial Award for Stonework Sculpture

2010 February Maitland Art Prize (Highly Commended)

2009 June Sculptors Network Exhibition (Awarded Highly Commended)

2009 March 34th Central Coast Festival of Arts (Awarded Highly Commended)

2008 September Darling Park Exhibition Crawford’s Casting Prize

2008 March 33rd Central Coast Festival of Arts (First Prize)

2007 March, Mosman Village Festival of Sculpture (First Prize)

2006 March, Mosman Village Festival of Sculpture (Awarded Second Prize)

2005 September, Darling Park Exhibition (Awarded Highly Commended)

2003 October, Mattara Sculpture exhibition (Awarded First Prize Non Figurative)

2003 April, University of Newcastle

Hunter Region Sculpture Society Prize

Rachael Samuels Memorial Award for 2002

2002 September, Darling Park Exhibition, Sydney, (Awarded First Prize)

2000 April, RAS Exhibition, Sydney (Awarded 2nd Prize Abstract Sculpture)

1998 April, RAS Exhibition Sydney (Awarded Highly Commended)


2015 August ‘Resilience’ Foreshore Park Newcastle NSW

2015 June Centenary of Anzac Penshurst RSL Sub-Branch Sydney

2014 December The Newcastle Club “Cathedral of Mining”

2011 November Penshurst RSL Sub-Branch War memorial

2009 August, ‘Flight Form’ Marble, Vättis Switzerland

2005 July, ‘Lady in White’ Marble, Quyang, Heibei China

2004 November, ‘Precious Pear’ Marble, Brusque SC Brazil

2003 May, ‘Sitting Pretty’ Granite, Sangcheong Sculpture Park, South Korea

2002 August, ‘Diana of Bennelong’ Black Granite, Huian, Fujian China

2000 March, ‘Memorial’ Granite, 50th Anniversary of the Korean War

UN Memorial Park, Busan South Korea

2000 February, ‘Weather Form’ Mixed Media, Thredbo Village NSW Australia

1999 March, ‘Cause and Effect’ Hardwood and Stainless Steel, Thredbo Village NSW


1999 January, ‘Theatre Masks’ Marble, Young Peoples Theatre

Hamilton Newcastle NSW

1997 July, ‘Flood Sculpture’ Mixed Media, Maitland City Council

Hunter Valley NSW Australia


2013 September ‘Random Thoughts’ Cooks Hill Galleries

2008 October ‘A Little Night Music’ Cooks Hill Galleries

2005 July, ‘The Feminine Form’, Cooks Hill Galleries

1997, November, ‘Australian in Paris’,

Gallerie Miromesnil Fine Art



2015 October ‘Unforgettable’ Extended exhibition

Frasnes-les-Anvaing Belgium

2011 November ‘Unforgettable’ extended exhibition

Voor Altijd Onverget Elijk

Gavere Belgium

2011 May ‘Unforgettable’

Saint Christiana Park

Dikkevene Belgium

2009 June National Sculpture Almanac Exhibition

Hangzhou China

2003 October Salon d’Automne

2001 December International Sculptors Exhibition

Seoul South Korea

1999, October Salon d’Automne


1998, November Salon d’Automne


1997, November, Australian in Paris,

Gallerie Miromesnil Fine Art

2011 September, 3rd China Changchun International Sculpture Conference

Guest Speaker

2009 August, Steinbildhauer Symposium, Vättis Switzerland

2009 June Hangzhou Zhejiang province China

Conference on Public art policy for Hangzhou

2008 September 2nd China Changchun International Sculpture Conference

Guest Speaker

2005 September, 3rd China Quyang International Sculpture Festival

Heibei Province China

2004 November, IV International Sculpture Symposium of Brazil

Brusque SC Brazil

2003 May, 2nd Sancheong International Contemporary Sculpture Symposium

Sancheong South Korea

2002 August, 2nd China Sculpture Art Festival

Huian, Fujian Province

2000 September, International Sculpture Symposium for UN Memorial Park

Pusan South Korea

2000 February, The 2000 Sculpture Symposium

Thredbo Village NSW Australia

1999 February, Inaugural Thredbo Village Symposium

Thredbo Village NSW Australia

1997 July, Flood Sculptures, Maitland City Council

Hunter Valley NSW Australia

2013 Urban Sculpture China comment piece ‘The Sculpture Judge’

2012 Urban Sculpture China ‘Sculpture and Regionality’

2009 China Sculpture Magazine edition 6

Son of [the] Sea in Newcastle

Roger McFarlane’s Sculpture Art (4 page Spread)

2009 The Herald Supplement

The Hunter Home Grown (People-Artists & Galleries P-21)

2007 December Hunter Lifestyle’ Magazine Edition 29 December/January

‘The Beauty of Steel on Show’ by Marilyn Collins

2005 July 2nd - Weekender Magazine- Newcastle Morning Herald

Feature article

‘Carving a niche’ by Ben Quinn

2003 ‘Hunter Lifestyle’ Magazine Edition 3 July/August

‘The Stone Master’ by Marilyn Collins

2001 ‘House & Garden’ Magazine, January 2001

1998 Featured in ‘Teach Yourself Sculpture’ by Jane Hill

Hill Jane M, ‘Teach Yourself Sculpture’ McGraw Hill.1998


Australian Sculpture Hunter Region Inc.

The Sculptors Society, Australia

Sculpture Professional Committee China (Chinese Professional Sculptors Association)

President Australian Sculpture- Hunter Region 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Vice President Australian Sculpture- Hunter Region Inc. -2009-2010

Assistant Secretary 2014
The Sculptors Society’ established 1951 NSW Australia

President: - 2005, 2006

Vice President: - 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003

Secretary: - 2001

Committee: - 2007 Newcastle Branch Spokesman
Co Convener: - The Sculptors Network Newcastle 2002-2009

mini logo tracks.jpg Email webpage Phone 0418 686280

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