Programme wednesday 17th February 09. 00 Welcome Address H. E. Hamad Buamim

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Wednesday 17th February
09.00 Welcome Address

H.E. Hamad Buamim, President & CEO, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry

09.10 Opening Keynote Address


09.30 Changing Synergies – The Reorientation of CIS Business

The CIS is more a concept than a reality, as the markets of the former Soviet Union forge new economic alliances and build trading links to neighbouring regions and beyond – from the Eurasian Economic Union to the Silk Road. In this session we will explore the contours of these changing synergies. What are the mutual benefits that come from the emerging CIS-GCC relationship? What are the obstacles and risks?

Confirmed speaker:

Benedikt Sobotka, Chief Executive Officer, Eurasian Resources Group, Luxembourg
Invited speakers:

Alain Bejjani, Chief Executive Officer, Majid Al Futtaim, UAE

Alain Pilloux, Managing Director, Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness, EBRD, UK Victor Fung, Honorary Chairman, Li & Fung Limited, China

Dmitry Kostygin, Chairman of the Board, Ulmart, Russia

Alexander Vinokurov, Chief Executive Officer, IC A1, Russia

Wang Yanzhi, President, Silk Road Fund, China


10.30 Funding the Future – The Role of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Revenues from oil and gas have enabled the creation of sovereign wealth funds across both the Gulf and the CIS. As government incomes shrink, some funds are privatising assets while others are searching for the best investment opportunities at home and abroad. Our panellists will explore these strategies and the emerging synergies among the funds.

Invited speakers:

H.E. Mohammed I. Al Shaibani, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Investment Corporation of Dubai, UAE

Kirill Dmitriev, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia

Dauren Erdebay, Deputy Chairman, Samruk Kazyna, Kazakhstan

Shahmar Movsumov, Chief Executive Officer, Azerbaijan State Oil Fund, Azerbaijan

11.30 Networking Break


12.00 KEYNOTE: Ancient Routes – Rapid Change

It is a time of rapid change and rising risks for the CIS. But attempts to boost trade and investment ties between markets in the region and the rest of the world are forging ahead. In this session, heads of state from the CIS region will discuss the economic impact of these changes.

13.00 Networking Lunch


14.30 New Opportunities – The Business Perspective

In conversation with two world-leading entrepreneurs, this session will draw out the story of the transformation of the CIS and Dubai, providing tangible insights into opportunities, challenges and synergies.

Confirmed speaker:

H.E. Mohamed Alabbar, Board Member, Eagle Hills, UAE
Invited speakers:

Viktor Vekselberg, Chairman, Renova Group, Russia

Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Chairman, AFK Sistema and Chairman of the Russia-Arab Business Council, Russia


15.15 Future Energy – After the Oil Age

The oil-rich countries of the CIS and the Gulf are trying to understand the future of hydrocarbons in a world of low prices and increasing pressure on carbon emissions. At the same time, they are exploring the potential of developing alternative energy sources. What must the oil states do to retain their position as energy hubs?
Confirmed speakers:

Ahmad Belhoul, Chief Executive Officer, Masdar, UAE

Christopher Hopkinson, Chairman, Kazmunaygas, Kazakhstan
Invited speakers:

Christof Ruehl, Global Head of Research, ADIA, UAE

Maxim Timchenko, Chief Executive Officer, DTEK, Ukraine

16.15 Emerging Multinationals - Who, What and Where Next?

A new generation of companies is emerging across the CIS, leveraging knowledge of local markets and building on regional aspirations. This session will discuss the potential of the emerging private sector with some of the region’s leading entrepreneurs and ask when we will see the first Fortune-500 company.

Confirmed speakers:

Aidan Karibzhanov, General Director, Visor Holding, Kazakhstan

Mammad Karimov, Founder, Khazar Ventures, Azerbaijan
Invited speakers:

Marina Kolesnik, Founder and CEO, OKTOGO, Russia

Soso Pkhakadze, President, Wissol Group, Georgia


17.00 End of Day One and Networking Reception


19.00 Gala Dinner



Thursday 18th February
09.30 Yesterday and Today – In Brief

We will get the morning going with a lively summary of memorable points from the first day’s sessions – and an overview of the second day.

09.40 Driving the Future - Making the Most of New Synergies

The automotive and electronics industries are making the most of the new rail links between China and Europe to speed their route to market. What possibilities does this open up for businesses operating in the countries in between? How might global value chains change as new synergies emerge?

Invited speaker:

Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Italy


10.10 Diversification Dividends – Overcoming Challenges and Reaping Rewards

The region’s oil economies are all trying to diversify away from dependence on natural resources. Both Astana and Baku are working with Dubai to position themselves as hubs for Central Asia with impressive infrastructure and high profile architectural projects. This session will discuss the challenges of diversification and look at the lessons from Dubai in building up new industries.

Confirmed speaker:

Gerald Lawless, President & Group CEO, Jumeirah Group, UAE
Invited speakers:

H.E. Essa Kazim, Governor, DIFC Authority, UAE

Ghaith Al Ghaith, Chief Executive Officer, FlyDubai, UAE


11.00 Networking Break

11.30 New Opportunities – Developing the North-South Transport Corridor

There is enormous potential for the Gulf region in developing the trading and investment routes that run north-south from the Silk Road. These would link Dubai to Moscow and the newly founded Eurasian Economic Union via Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan – a group of markets with around 350 million people. What will it take to turn this into a key economic corridor over the next decade?

Confirmed speaker:

Barbara Meynert, Chair of Digital Economy Task Force, UN ESCAP, Thailand
Invited speakers:

H.E. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman, DP World, UAE

Kirill Androsov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, PJSC Aeroflot, Russia

Askar Mamin, President, Kazakhstan Railways, Kazakhstan

Dmitry Pankin, Chairman, Eurasian Development Bank, Kazakhstan

Wencai Zhang, Vice-President, Asian Development Bank, Philippines

Taleh Ziyadov, Director-General, Baku International Sea Trade Port, Azerbaijan


12.30 Networking Lunch


14.00 KEYNOTE - The Eurasian Islamic Economy

An Islamic economy is beginning to emerge across Eurasia, stretching from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey and the CIS, with close links to the Gulf states and Asia. H.E. Bakir Izetbegovic will explore the potential for building stronger partnerships between these markets.

Invited speaker:

H.E. Bakir Izetbegovic, Bosniak Member, Presidency of Bosnia & Herzegovina


14.15 Funding the Future – Islamic Finance in the CIS

The CIS region is home to large Muslim communities and relatively low penetration of financial services. Islamic finance has started to emerge as an option in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, with players from Dubai taking a leading role in introducing Sharia-compliant products and services. Governments, too, are gradually rolling out laws, regulations and standards for the sector. What is needed to make Islamic finance a viable alternative? How can the region implement policies to deepen the pool of available Sharia-compliant capital?
Confirmed speakers:

Prasad Abraham, Chief Executive Officer, Al Hilal Bank, Kazakhstan

Khaled Mohammed Al-Aboodi, Chief Executive Officer, Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector, Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia

15.00 Finding New Roads - Leveraging the CIS Opportunity

Russia is an enormous market for many global companies - by far the largest in the CIS region. But its rapid slowdown has pushed companies to look harder at other markets in the CIS to sustain overall business performance in the region. In this session, regional directors discuss how they are tackling the challenges and expanding in this varied region.

Confirmed speaker:

Borisbiy Zhangurazov, Chairman of the Board, Kaznex Invest, Kazakhstan
Invited speakers:

Jean Claude Farah, Executive Vice President and President, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe & CIS, Western Union, UAE

Mikhail Gerchuk, Head of Eurasia, Vimpelcom, Netherlands

Nathan Kalumbu, President, Eurasia & Africa Group, The Coca-Cola Company, Turkey

Silviu Popovici, President, Russia, Ukraine and CIS, PepsiCo, Russia


16.00 Key Findings

Summing up the inaugural CIS Global Business Forum

16.10 End of CIS GBF 2016


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