February 2008 newsletter

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The February meeting will be held in the Nature Center building at Mount Aetna Camp and Retreat Center on February 21, 2008 starting at 7:30 PM.

The program for the evening will be a class provided by Tom Brtalik of Tom’s Fly-Fishing Service. The class will be a leader construction building class where we will construct our own leaders, one for dry flies and one for a nymph.

Our annual banquet will be held on March 15, 2008 at the Plaza Hotel in Hagerstown. This year we will have many fine prizes and gifts to include a couple of Renzetti vices, and a watercolor donated by Dave Tibbetts, both items will be part of our silent auction.

Bamboo Fly Rod

We have a custom made 7’6”, 5 Wt bamboo fly rod built by Doug Alexander of Shepherdstown, WV. This rod is a special item of extremely fine quality and has been purchased by the club for a fund raising activity. Raffle tickets are $10.00 each and the drawing will be held at the Banquet.

Tickets can be purchased at any meeting to include the Banquet. Let Buz know if you would like some tickets.
Mark your calendars for the Banquet and let Buz know of your plans to attend.


January 24, 20008
The meeting was called to order by Bob Stouffer.

Treasurer's Report was unanimously approved as read.

New Business: 

*Bob Stouffer announced that the casting meeting will be canceled this week due to cold weather.

*February's club meeting will be about leader building instructed by Tom of Tom's Tackle.

*Bob Stouffer has just returned from Massachusetts where he tested for FFF fly casting certification. He then shared just a little of his knowledge of fly casting in a Power Point Presentation and a handout to all members present.  Fly casting has its own vocabulary and acronyms such as arc, stroke, drift, SLP (straight loop path), loop shapes, curves, mends, acceleration, third class levers, fast, medium and slow tapers and so on.  His demonstrations with rod and large orange yarn were very valuable and appreciated by all present.  Thank You, Bob, for a job very well done.


Respectfully submitted: Larry D. Harnish, Sec.   




We will meet on March 6, 2008, starting at 7:00 PM at the Keystone Sporting Goods on Pennsylvania Ave. at Maugans Ave. in Hagerstown.
Our guest tier will be Don Fine. Don will show us how to tie the Gartside Gurgler.
Bring your fly tying equipment and some 3/0 and 6/0 black thread; the rest of the material will be furnished.


April 3, 2008 – Frank Thompson
May 1, 2008Doug Hutzell


February 21, 2008 Leader construction Seminar with Tom Brtalik of Tom’s Fly Fishing Services

March 15, 2008 Antietam Fly Anglers Banquet. Plaza Hotel Hagerstown, MD

March 29, 2008

Renfrew Institute for Cultural & Environmental Studies

Adult Fly Tying Workshop – Beginner & Intermediate
Saturday, March 29, 9am-noon
Renfrew Park Visitor Center, Waynesboro, PA
Fee: $15 members of Renfrew Institute, $20 non-members of RI
Partners: Renfrew Institute & Antietam Fly Anglers
Call or email to register: 717-762-0373 OR renfrewinst@innernet.net

Following is a list of Officers and Directors for the coming year:

Sterling “Buz” Buzzell President

Bill Lewis Vice President

Larry Harnish Secretary

Robert Davis Treasurer

John “Quincy” Adams Director

Bob Stouffer Director

Michael Saylor Director

Delbert Martin Director

John Brognard Director

Any questions or suggestions please contact one of the above.

Visit the local fly fishing stores that support the Antietam Fly Anglers.

At the Prime Outlets


13611 Pennsylvania Ave at Maugans Ave


19330 Leitersburg Pike

From the junction of Interstate 70 and MD State Highway 66 go north on HY 66 to the traffic circle, then east on Mt. Aetna Rd, up the hill, for approximately 1 mile. The entrance to the Center is located at 21905 Mt. Aetna Road and will be on the right. Parking is available behind the Ranger Station Building. Take the path on the right of the parking lot to the Nature Center.

* Please take note that the Nature Center is open to the public each Saturday from 2 PM to 5 PM.

Directions to Creekside Anglers meeting place

The Trinity Center’s Orchard House.
Location is on Route 45 (Shepherdstown Road) out of Martinsburg toward Shepherdstown. Go past Files Crossroads and on the left you will see an old house with a sign in front that says “Pump House”

Just past this sign, is a gate with a yellow sign that reads “Trinity Center”; turn left and the Orchard House is about ¼ mile off the road in the middle of the field.



Any member wishing to sell fly fishing items please contact John Brognard (301) 371-4205 for instructions on how to enter your item.

Our Site also has links to other major fly fishing sites and activities.

Thanks to John Brognard for his design and maintenance of our web site.

FFF New Membership Incentive Program
There is a new program for Clubs that get new members to join the FFF. It is basically a rework of the old rod incentive program where the gaining Club receives a rod and reel for every 12 new members. Clubs can also receive a rod and reel outfit for every 9 new members if the club wishes to pre-purchase memberships.

More when information becomes available.


The Antietam Fly Anglers Club Number is 99147.

Editor’s Note: Submissions should be made to Sterling (Buz) Buzzell, Editor, by email (flycaster@desupernet.net), or PO Box 498, Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214, Phone # (717) 794-2237, no later than the 1st of each month.

Federation of Fly Fishers

Conserving - Restoring - Educating Through Fly Fishing

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