Pennsylvania Plastics Recycling List

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106 School Street, Suite 201 • Spring Mills, PA 16875

(814) 422-0251 • fax (814) 422-0255

Pennsylvania Plastics Recycling List

(current as of 1/15/13)

Lowe’s Garden Centers

Any U.S, location with a garden center. Accepts plastic plant trays, pots, and tags.

Call for any questions: 1-800-445-6937

Concord Plastics, Inc. 

Contact: Karl Sauer

225 Jaycee Drive

West Hazleton, PA  18202

Phone: 570-453-0803

Concord Plastics, Inc.

Contact: Marissa Kresge

500 Jaycee Dr.

West Hazelton, PA 18202

Phone: 570-453-0803

Accepts: #1(separated), #2 (separated), & #3-#7, clear plastic film, etc. Call for any more information on acceptable recyclables.

Cougle’s Recycling, Inc. 

Contact: Matthew Cougle

1000 S. 4th Street

Hamburg, PA  19526

Phone: 610-562-8336

Interested in Nursery hub covers LLDPE (white or clear). Accept HDPE or PP TYPE Flower Pots, Post consumer polyethylene and buckets. Call to ask about other products.

Esbenshade’s Garden Centers


Call for Seasonal Hours

Web Site:

Accepts: Plastic pots and trays of all types and sizes. Locations in Lititz, Fleetwood and Mohnton.

Lititz: 717-626-7007

Fleetwood: 610-944-3000

Mohnton: 717-445-6055

Sam Esh

257 Rockville Road

Rebersburg, PA  16872

Phone: 814-349-8646, Ext.#4

Accepts: Bale wrap, net wrap, plastic twine, feed-bags, drip tape, and other plastics. Plastics listed may be subject to change, please call for more information on additional plastics accepted. (Please call before bringing anything to this location)

Lanchester Landfill

Contact: Nancy Fromnick

7224 Division Highway

Narvon, PA  17555

Phone: 1-800-626-0067

Call for hours of operation. Plastics #1-#5 and #7 are accepted. Agricultural #4 film and supersacks (must be clean). Web site:

*Chester County residents only

Cambria Plastics, LLC

Contact: Dr. Pandya

R. 840 Horner Street

Johnstown, PA  15902

Phone: 814-535-5467

Interested in some Ag. Plastics. Accepts #1, #2, #4, #5, and #7. All plastics must be reasonably clean and have no large debris or rocks still attached.

Ultra-Poly Corporation

P.O. Box 330

102 Demi Road

Portland, PA  18351

Phone: 1-800-932-0619

Accepts: Nursery hub covers LLDPE (white or clear) as well as hoop houses and mushroom bags. Accepts HDPE or PP TYPE Flower Pots.

Versaplex, Inc.

Contact: Tom Lotterman

115 Mozzette Road

Greentown, PA  18426

Phone: 570-676-0676

Interested in some Ag. Plastics if they are relatively clean. (no wash line)

Waste Not Technologies, LLC

Contact: Patrick Kelley

P.O. Box 848

Kunkletown Road

Saylorsburg, PA   18353

Phone: 570-992-7041

Accepts: Large HDPE nursery pots, #2, #4, and #5 plastics. Please call with any other questions on what they may or may not accept.

Zook’s Plastic Recovery

Contact: Daniel Zook

183 S. Farmersville Rd.

Leola, PA  17540

Phone: 717-656-4422

Accepts: Flowerpots, trays, drip tape, white bail wrap, super sacks & plastic feed bags, black & white salvage bags, plastic twine, etc. Call to check.

CERT A18 Plastic Recycling Guidance V1, R6, 1/21/13

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