Theme night schedule, 2015-2016 T&t september (“Like us on Facebook”) Council Time Speaker Coun

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September (“Like us on Facebook”) Council Time Speaker


17 Welcome Back Registration Directors

24 Grand Opening Night (Change Drive Start) Tom Croley


1 Parent Night/ Team Color Night (Bonus Points for parent colors) Tom Allen

Tom Croley (Sparks)
8 Crazy Hair Night Tom Croley
15 Bible Hero Night (Leaders included: dress up as your Bible Hero) Tom Croley
22 Backwards Night Gary Eddy
29 Pumpkin Night (Bring carved/decorated pumpkin get a glow stick) Gary Eddy

5 Bible Quiz Night Jessee

12 Star & Stripe Night (Every section said- pin a star on your leader) Tom Allen

(DRESS PATRIOTIC) Tom Croley (Sparks)
19 Missionary Night (Mexico Fiesta) Evans

26 Thanksgiving – No Club


3 Bible Quiz Night Jessee

10 Movie Night (Awana Store) Doug Pearson

11 Verse Make Up Night (Parents shopping Night) NO CLUB McKinney’s

17 Christmas Break – No Club
24 Christmas Break – No Club
31 New Years – No Club


7 Joyful Noise Night (Bring a noise maker to club) Evan Irwin

14 Adopt A Club Night Allan Palm
21 Favorite Sports Team Night (Wear your Team Jersey) Gary Eddy
28 Missionary Night 1 Kyle Herr
February (Missionary Month)

4 Missionary Visitor 2 Bob Carlson

11 Awana Game Night (Wear your medal or ribbon) Steve Johnson
18 Goofy Glasses Night – Clubbers wear goofy glasses.

Large Group Lesson – Hebrews 12:2  Here we’re told to look to Jesus. Gary Eddy

25 Pajama Night Tom Croley

3 Blessed Beacons Night (flashlight to club) Tom Croley

10 Hat Night – (Everyone wears a Crazy hat) Tom Croley

17 Twin Night (Dress alike in color green get a green twinkie) Gary Eddy

24 Crazy Sock Night (Wear crazy socks outside of your pants) Ryan McKinney
31 Grand Prix Night (Check in cars 5pm-6pm) Shawn Wilks


7 Spring Break – No Club

14 Show Your Talent Night 2 Director
21 Show your Talent Night 2 Director

28 Duck Tape Night Clubbers come with duct tape on their clothes (such as making a hat or bracelet from tape) or have duct tape in various colors and design and allow the kids to be creative. Large Group Lesson – Proverbs 18:24 – a true friend “sticks” closer than a brother. Gary Eddy


5 Movie Night – AWANA STORE Doug Pearson

6 Awards Night


Oct. 1st, 2015 (Thursday) Family Night – Family comes to Awana
Oct. 3rd, 2015 (Saturday) Awana Conference (First Evangelical)

Jan. 30, 2016 (Saturday) T&T Bible Quizzing @ BPBC at 10:00 am / Awana Games Coaches / Line Judges/Scorekeepers Training

@ BPBC at 12:30 pm.

Feb. 13, 2016 (Saturday) 24/7 Ministries Bible Quizzing / Graham Emmanual Baptist, Graham, Washington.

Mar.5, 2016 (Saturday) Trek and Journey 24/7 Awana Games at Kitsap County Fairground, Bremerton
Mar. 12, 2016 (Saturday) T&T AWANA Games & Sparks-A-Rama at 1st Evangelical Church, Vancouver

March31, 2016 (Thursday) Grand Prix at Brush Prairie Baptist 6:00pm.
May 6th, 2016 (Friday) AWARDS NIGHT
July 16th - July 23rd – Puget Sound Camp (Awana Camp) - Ravensdale

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