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June 2, 2014


Mayor Gagne called the regular meeting of the Omak City Council to order at 7:00 PM and everyone joined in the flag salute.


Michael Foth Patrick Dalton, Building Official

Nattalie Cariker Kevin Bowling, Fire Chief

Dino DeCesari Larry Schreckengast, Police Chief

Leanne Whitener Todd McDaniel, Public Works Director

Steve Clark Ralph Malone, City Administrator

Lew Goebel Kathy Lobdell, City Clerk

Michelle Gaines


Member Foth moved, seconded by Member Cariker, to approve the consent agenda consisting of minutes from the May 19, 2014 regular meeting; May 2014 paychecks numbered 10803, 10804, 10878-10924, in the amount of $253,783.54; and claims checks numbered 10925-10975, in the amount of $256,951.09. As there was no discussion and no comments from the audience, Council voted and unanimously approved the motion.


Mayor Gagne reminded Council of the open house celebration put on by the Department of Fish and Wildlife for the 75th Anniversary of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area, located just out of Loomis, to be held Saturday, June 7th beginning at 11AM. She also mentioned the celebration to be held in Wauconda the same weekend. She announced to Council the City has received its first application for a marijuana retailer within the City. She spoke of tours she had participated in recently of the new Regency Omak and Pioneer Apartment buildings.


Appoint Up to Three Voting Delegates for the AWC Annual Business Meeting at the Annual Conference

Member DeCesari moved, seconded by Member Foth, to appoint Councilmembers Whitener and Goebel as Omak’s voting delegates for the AWC Annual Business Meeting to be held at the AWC Annual Conference later this month. As there was no discussion and no comments from the audience, Council voted and unanimously approved the motion.

Resolution 45-2014 – Surplus Business Incubator Parcel Located in North Omak

Member Whitener moved, seconded by Member Clark, to approve Resolution 45-2014. City Administrator Malone told Council in north Omak there is 1.47 acres of ground the City purchased with Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds in 2004, as the fiscal agent for Economic Alliance. The idea behind the land purchase was to design and build a building with several commercial offices to allow small businesses a place to start and grow their companies. The process was never fulfilled and now, knowing the number of empty commercial buildings in town, and that there are no further grant funds available, it is improbable the process will ever come to fruition. Mr. Malone noted that in the age of businesses operating on the internet, through cell phones and out of residential homes, a brick and mortar building is passé. Economic Alliance is not intending to use the building plan and HUD is asking them what is happening with the project. It is felt the property should be placed back on the tax rolls for sale. The full proceeds of the sale will go back to HUD, whether a profit is made on the sale or not, and there has been no monetary cost to the City on this project from the beginning. After some discussion and no comments from the audience, Council voted and unanimously approved the motion.

Resolution 46-2015 – Emergency Land Use Rental Agreement with DNR-Airport Helitack Crew

Member Goebel moved, seconded by Member Clark, to approve Resolution 46-2014. Public Works Director McDaniel told Council this is a yearly agreement the City has with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) so they can locate a helitack crew at the airport for immediate dispatch in the case of wildfires. The DNR has consistently made improvements to the area each year so the City does not charge for this base. Mr. McDaniel noted there are three items different in this agreement: 1) a larger trailer will be placed on the property; 2) this will be a two year lease for 2014 and 2015; and 3) the crew will be placed there in mid-June rather than July 1st as in past years. Mr. McDaniel has no issues with these requests and recommends approval of the lease. As there were no questions and no comments from the audience, Council voted and unanimously approved the motion.


Council Committee Reports:

Member DeCesari, chairman of the Infrastructure Committee, told Council they had met with Public Works Director McDaniel regarding the 2016-2020 Six Year Street Program, making minor adjustments to the plan. Mr. McDaniel stated the plan must be filed with the State by July 1st, and there are about 25 items on the street plan list. Mr. McDaniel has scheduled a public hearing on the plan for the June 16th Council meeting and will clean up some dates and small projects on it before he brings it to the public hearing. He added the Committee generally approved of the Plan he presented.

Member DeCesari told Council the Committee had also met to begin discussion on allowing ATVs on City streets. He referred to a letter he had received from a group opposed to ATV use within the City. He stated the Committee discussed putting an emphasis on Omak being a starting point for a weekend of ATV adventures. He spoke of some of the requirements of ATV use on City streets and state law changes requiring specific equipment on the vehicles, adding he will get a print out of the new State law. The next meeting will include ATV club members. There was a short discussion on whether the vehicles are required to have insurance and it was noted they are not, just as motorcycles are not required to be insured.

Staff Reports:

City Administrator Malone stated he visited a portion of the levee with a City resident who lives within 100 feet of the river and has major concerns about standing water and mosquito habitat. He noted even if the City were able to spray, it would not be viable for at least another 4 or 5 weeks. A few of the citizens involved in establishing a Mosquito Control District recently traveled to Benton County to get more information on the steps needed for forming the district. The group plans to take their proposal for district boundary lines to the County Commissioners in the new few weeks and the hope is to get a ballot for formation of a district in the November general election.

Member Foth asked where the proposed marijuana retail outlet is located and was told it would be on property between the Game Stop and Payday Loans businesses on Engh Road. He also asked if the City would be responding appropriately and Mr. Malone confirmed that.

Member Cariker reminded everyone of the 3 on 3 basketball tournament and Art in the Park to be held on June 13, 14 and 15 in Civic League Park. There is also a Kiwanis golf tournament scheduled for June 28th.

Member Goebel thanked those who attended the grand opening of the dog park, noting the dog club will now need to attend to regular clean-up of the grounds. He stated the next project is to begin to collect funds to move the Veteran’s Memorial Park from the east side of the Park near the highway, to an area near the Visitor Information Center.
As there was no further business before Council, Mayor Gagne adjourned the meeting at 7:28 PM.

___________________________ ______________________________

Kathy Lobdell, City Clerk Cindy Gagne, Mayor

June 2, 2014

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