November 2: Time Change! November 11: Self-denial service with Rev. Ken Sickler (Tuesday) November 14

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Rev. Rodney Keister, 7:30PM

emphasis week, 9AM every day

  • October 27: Bible Study course Begins

  • November 2: Time Change!

  • November 11: Self-denial service with Rev. Ken Sickler (Tuesday)

  • November 14: Youth Rally near Endicott

  • November 19: Youth Fun & Fellowship

135 W. Tioga St

Service Schedule:

Sunday School – 10AM

Morning Worship – 11AM

Evening Worship – 7:30PM

Wed. Prayer Meeting – 7:30PM

Nursing Home Service

3rd Sunday, 2PM

Jail Services 2nd & 4th, 6PM
Pastor Joel Byer

Home Phone 570.836.2090

Cell Phone 570.406.7254

October 26, 2014

Tunkhannock Pilgrim Holiness Church

Matthew 5:3

  1. __________the Poverty

  2. __________ the Blessing

  3. __________the Path


  • Spiritual Needs

  • EMCA spiritual emphasis week

  • Each of us to recognize our deep need of God!

  • Physical Needs:

  • Carmon Robinson, back home

  • Adrienne DeBoer (baby due very soon!)

  • Grace DeBoer (back home)

  • Bernice McCain, Lizzie Sickler, Elizabeth Sickler, Mary Valentine (Golden Living)

  • Helene McCarthy, cancer

  • Angie O’Connor

  • Leland & Joan Sickler (Leland is home, Joan is at Ron & Lynn’s)

  • Velma Sickler

  • Bonnie Musser

  • Alicia Sickler

  • Don Jones

  • Other

  • Josh & Hannah’s new life together

  • Zach Chambers, in Florida

  • The Mill’s & the Hoffman’s

  • Some unspoken

  • _______________________________________

  • _______________________________________

  • Remember when? Over the next few weeks, we’ll place a picture of old Tunkhannock in our bulletin. See if you remember when... 

  • Tomorrow, we are planning to do a 6-week Bible study course based on Ezra’s new book, “What Kind of God do I Serve?” If you are interested, we will meet either at your home or the pastor’s once a week for 6 weeks as we discuss these issues about God that are raised in the book.

  • November 14th is the date of our next Youth Rally! Check the bulletin board and sign-up sheet for more details. People are asked to bring a dish and drink to share for the Thanksgiving meal.

  • Carol Sherman’s funeral details are as follows:

Viewing Oct. 30, 2-4 & 7-9PM at 401 Bridge St. Northville, NY

Funeral Fri. Oct. 31, 11 AM & 111 North First ST. Northville Baptist Church (with 10AM view there)

6 week Bible Study course

beginning on Oct. 27

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