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【招へい研究者作成/By Fellow】

* Please submit a research report to JSPS through your host within one month

after termination of your fellowship in Japan.          

To President, JSPS

    ID NO. L-08534          



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Name of the Fellow: Ichiro Fujinaga

Affiliation: McGill University

Name of the Host Institution: Tsukuba University

Name of Host Researcher: Prof. Yuzuru Hiraga

Fellowship Period: From August 2008 To May 2009

Title of Research in Japan:

Usability and Cultural Issues in Designing Digital Music Libraries
Date: June 10, 2009      

* Future Contact Information

(If you wish JSPS to maintain contact with you after the completion of your fellowship)


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Please prepare your Research Report in English or Japanese within five to ten pages in length.

1. Items to be included:
(a) Outline of academic activities.

Experiments, discussions, research trips, fieldwork, etc.

(b) A list of paper published during the period of the fellowship, and the names

of the journals in which they appeared Attach a copy of each article if available.

 (c)Comments or suggestions to JSPS, especially concerning the fellowship

(d) Other comments

You are requested to submit this Research Report within one month of the termination of your fellowship tenure in Japan through your host researcher.

During the nine-month stay in Japan, I gave a total of twelve talks and attended seven national conferences. In additions to the several meetings I had with my host, Prof. Yuzuru Hiraga (Tsukuba University), I had the chance to meet with both old and new colleagues and many students. We had several meetings in preparation for the ISMIR (International Society for Music Information Retrieval) Conference, which will be held in Kobe, October 2009. I was instrumental in bringing several researchers mainly from North America to Japan for talks and meetings. I would like to thank JSPS for its generous support for my visit in Japan.


August 23–31 Attended ICMPC (International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition) Conference in Sapporo. I presented three papers at the conference. I had meetings with Professors Elaine Chew (University ofSuthern California), David Huron (Ohio State University), Carol Krumhansl (Cornell University), Edward Large (Florida Atlantic University), Isabelle Peretz (University of Montreal) and Bruno Repp (Haskins Laboratory) who were also attending the conference. I met Japanese researchers: Prof. Tatsuyuki Ohtsuki (Tokyo University), Michiko Yoshie (Tokyo University), and Shinya Fujii (Kyoto University). I also attended RENCON workshop where I met and discussed research with Dr. Mitsuyo Hashida (Kwansei University) and Dr. Tetsuro Kitahara (Kwansei University).

September 9 All-day visit at Dr. Masataka Goto’s laboratory at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tsukuba. Also met with Hiromasa Fujihara, Dr. Tomoyasu Nakano, and Dr. Kazuyoshi Yoshii, all from AIST.
September 14–20 Attended ISMIR (International Society for Music Information Retrieval) Conference in Philadelphia, USA. Presented two posters and a paper. Made a promotional presentation for ISMIR 2009 with Masataka Goto. We are the General Chairs of ISMIR 2009. Dinner meeting in Philadelphia with Japanese researchers: Hiromasa Fujihara, Dr. Goto, Prof. Masatoshi Hamanaka (Tuskuba University), Dr. Keiji Hirata (NTT), Katsutoshi Itoyama (Kyoto University), Katsuhiko Kaji (Nagoya University), Dr. Kunio Kashino (NTT), Dr. Yoshii, Dr. Kitahara, Takuya Fujishima (Yamaha), Prof. Haruhiro Katayose (Kwansei University) , and Prof. Satoshi Tojo (JAIST),

September 30 Meeting with Dr. Diana Young (MIT) and Dr. Yael Maquire (ThingMagic) in Tokyo.

October 1 Meeting with Michiko Yoshie and Diana Young in Tokyo.
October 3 Meeting with Prof. Hiroshi Kinoshita (Osaka University), Satoshi Obata (Osaka University), and Dr. Young in Kyoto.
October 13­–15 Three-day visit to Kwansei Gakuin University.

13th: Dinner with Dr. Shinichi Furuya, Mitsuyo Hashida, Prof. Haruhiro Katayose, Dr. Kitahara, Koji Kazai, Toshie Matsui, and Prof. Masanori Morise, (Ritsumeikan University).

14th: Gave a talk on my research. Presentation by CrestMuse members followed by discussions. Worked on English translation of their promotional video.

15th: Demonstration of fNIRS (functional near-infrared imaging).

October 16 Visit to Prof. Hiroshi Kinoshita’s laboratory at Osaka University. Gave a talk on my research and demonstrations by Satoshi Obata and Dr. Furuya with discussions.
October 18 Attended Musical Acoustics Society of Japan Workshop at Kunitachi College of Music where I met several Japanese researchers in musical acoustics including Prof. Toru Kamekawa (Tokyo University of Arts) whom I met for the first time in 2004 when he visited McGill University.
October 21– I participated in the weekly Music Technology graduate seminar

November 11 held every Tuesday by Prof. Hamanaka at Tsukuba University. On November 11, I gave a talk about my work as part of this seminar.

October 22 I was the invited speaker at the Biomechanics seminar at University of Tokyo (Prof. Ohtsuki). The paper was entitled “Music and Biomechanics.”
October 23 Had a meeting with Dr. Goto in Tsukuba to discuss plans for ISMIR 2009 conference.
October 28–31 Attended Entertainment Computing 2008 Conference in Kanazawa.

October 31 In Kanazawa, had a dinner meeting with Prof. Masahiko Inami (Keio University), Prof. Shoichi Hasegawa (University of Electro-Communications), Prof. Katoyose, Prof. Hitoshi Matsubara (Future University Hakodate), and Prof. Tetsuo Ono (Future University Hakodate).

November 6 One-day visit with an invited talk at the laboratory of Prof. Hiroaki Saito, Department of Information and Computer Science, Keio University. Dinner with Keio students: Masaki Matsubara and Masahiro Niitsuma.
November 7 Gave a talk as part of Prof. Hiraga’s graduate course at the Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, Tsukuba University.
November 10 Attended the CREST (Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology) Symposium at Tokyo University.
November 15–16 Attended Musical Acoustics Society of Japan Workshop at Kanazawa Institute of Technology.
November 19–22 Four-day visit with an invited talk at Prof. Tojo’s laboratory, School of Information Science, JAIST.
November 25–28 Attended 18th Workshop on Interactive Systems and Software (WISS) 2008 in Kobe. Met with Dr. Goto and others to check and talk with the hotel management and conference office to discuss the plans for ISMIR 2009, which will be held at the same location.
December 2 Invited talk at Tokyo University of Arts and dinner afterwards with Prof. Kamekawa’s students.
December 12 Dinner meeting with Hiroko Kishimoto (Showa Academy Musicae), Mary Wallace Davidson (Indiana University), and Geraldine Ostrove (Library of Congress).
December 13 Dinner meeting with Prof. Toshiko Sekine (Toyo University), Mary Wallace Davidson, and Geraldine Ostrove.
December 21 Dinner meeting with Prof. Masataka Kanazawa (Nihon University), Mary Wallace Davidson, and Geraldine Ostrove.
January 13 Invited talk at Research Centre for Knowledge Communities, Tsukuba University, the 59th Colloquium.
January 14 Visited the digitization laboratory of Prof. Yoshio Miyama at Keio University with Prof. Mari Itoh (Aichi Shukutoku University).
January 18 Attended a colloquium hosted by the Society of Music History (音楽史研究会)
January 22 Dinner meeting with students at Keio University: Masaki Matsubara and Masahiro Niitsuma. I will be Niitsuma’s external advisor for his doctoral studies at Queen’s University in Belfast.
February 16 Lunch meeting with Prof. Michael Frishkopf (University of Alberta) and Micahel Cohen (Aizu University).
February 17 Keynote speaker at the SIGMUS (Special Interest Group on Music and Computer) Meeting of the Information Processing Society of Japan entitled “Distributed Digital Music Archives and Libraries Project”
February 20 One-day visit and a talk at Prof. Sagayama’s laboratory, Tokyo University.
February 23 Dinner meeting with Prof. David Bainbridge (University of Waitako), Prof. Stephen Downie (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne), Dr. Cameron Jones (Yahoo! Research), and Prof. Jin ha Lee (University of Washington).
February 24 Invited talk at the Music Library at Showa Academy Musicae and lunch with Prof. Kishimoto and colleagues.
February 25 Dinner meeting with Prof. Bainbridge, Prof. Downie, and Dr. Goto.
February 26 All-day NEMA (Network Environment for Music Analysis) project meeting at Sagayam Lab, Tokyo University with Prof. Jean-Julien Aucouturier (Temple University), Prof. Bainbridge, Prof. David De Roure (University of Southhampton), Prof. Downie, and many Japanese researchers (Fujiwara, Goto, Kitahara, etc.)
February 27 Lunch meeting with Professors Bainbridge, De Roure, and Downie.
March 6–8 Attended the Asian-Pacific Conference on Library and Information Education Practice (A-LIEP 2009) in Tsukuba.
March 10 Dinner meeting with Prof. Hamanaka, Dr. Hirata, and Prof. Tojo in Kyoto.

March 10–12 Attended the 71st National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan.

March 24 Lunch meeting with Prof. Susan Weiss (Johns Hopkins University) in Tokyo.
March 25 Gave a joint invited talk with Prof. Weiss at Toho Gakuen School of Music hosted by the Society of Music History and the Associazione Musica Antica Italiana in Giappone (日本イタリア古楽協会).
April 8 Dinner meeting with Dr. Young.
April 15 One-day visit and an invited talk at Center for Advanced Sound Technologies, Yamaha Corporation in Hamamatsu.
April 26 Lunch meeting with Prof. Hamanaka and Prof. Sunghee Lee (Tsukuba University).
April 28 Gave a talk at a seminar at the Engineering Department, Tsukuba University organized by Prof. Junichi Hoshino.
May 1 One-day visit at Sagayama Lab in Tokyo University,

Dinner meeting with Dr. Tojo to discuss his sabbatical stay in Montreal later this year.

May 2 Dinner meeting with Yasuko Todo (Toho Gakuen School of Music).
May 4 Lunch meeting with Michiko Yoshie to discuss possible postdoctoral study at McGill University.


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Devaney, J., and I. Fujinaga. 2008. Assessing the role of sensory consonance in trained musicians' tuning preferences. Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Sapporo.

Goebl, W., and I. Fujinaga. 2008. Do key-bottom sounds distinguish piano tones? Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Sapporo.

Fujinaga, I., and C. McKay. 2008. ACE: Autonomous Classification Engine. Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition. Sapporo.

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