North Irwin Volunteer Fire Company

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North Irwin Volunteer Fire Company

27 Broadway Ave North Irwin, PA 15642

Non Emergency Phone: (724)863-7015

Emergency Phone: 911

Club Phone: (724)863-9889

MEDIA PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

FROM: Chief Thomas Harrison

North Irwin Volunteer Fire Company Station 12
RE: Line of Duty Death, James Gumbert
The North Irwin Volunteer Fire Company Station 12 announces today the funeral arrangements for James Gumbert who died while responded to Station 12 for a reported fire.
Jim Gumbert, 63 is survived by 2 daughters Kelly Heckert and Jamie Ferland, 9 Grandchildren, 3 Great Grandchildren.
A Fire Fighter Memorial Service will be held at the Ott Funeral Home, 504 Oak St, Irwin,

PA 15642 at 6:30 PM Sunday Nov. 14. Firefighters are asked to assemble at the Irwin Park, at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. and Main St. No Later Than 6:10 PM

Directions to assembly point:
From Route 30 East: Take 30 westbound past the Irwin Interchange. Make a right onto 10th St. Following the Irwin Business District Exit. Straight thru first stop sign. Make left at the 2nd stop sign onto Pennsylvania Ave. At the red light make a left into the park.
From Route 30 West: Take I376 East out of Pittsburgh to Monroeville. Exit the parkway at the Forest Hills Exit and merge onto Route 30 west. Take approximately 9 miles, get in left lane at red light (Hamilton Buick) make a left onto Center Highway. Follow down hill to Irwin Park on the right approximately 1 mile.
Funeral service will be conducted Monday Nov. 15 at 11 AM at the Norwin Christian Church, 9610 Barnes Lake Road., North Huntingdon, Pa 15642
Firefighters attending the funeral are asked to assemble at the Church no later than 10:15 AM. Parking will be available nearby.
Please contact North Irwin VFC. with number of apparatus and number of members planning to attend the funeral.

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