Whoopi Goldberg talks about ageing, Keanu Reeves says Bill and Ted 3 is happening, Jamie Dornan reveals his awkward sex scenes, Denzel Washington talks about his new film, and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man performs live in the studio

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Whoopi Goldberg talks about ageing, Keanu Reeves says Bill and Ted 3 is happening, Jamie Dornan reveals his awkward sex scenes, Denzel Washington talks about his new film, and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man performs live in the studio

On tonight’s show (Friday 3rd February) Graham welcomes Oscar winning actors Whoopi Goldberg and Denzel Washington, Hollywood star Keanu Reeves Fifty ShadesJamie Dornan and singer Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

Whoopi, talking about her unusual nickname, says, “No one christened me that. I am Karen but I was a bit of a farter! The theatres I was performing in were very small so if you were gassy you had to walk away farting and people would say I was like a Whoopee cushion. I was sometimes quite noisy, never offensive!”
Asked about aging, she says, “My stand up show is about getting older. I went to see Steely Dan the other day and I thought to myself, ‘There are a lot of old people at this concert.’ Then I passed a mirror and thought, ‘Me too! I’m not the youngest one in the room any more.’”
Talking about 50 Shades, and asked if he thinks it is weird meeting Jamie having seen the first film, Whoopi jokes, “It would have been 10 years ago but now I see a great kid and a great actor. You can’t go after him and you can’t flirt you’ve just got to be old!”

Revealing an awkward encounter with a fan, she says, “One followed me into the toilet and I was sitting there getting my business done when she asked if I would sign the piece of toilet paper she was pushing under the door. I understand people get excited but the bathroom is not the place!”

Talking about having to make money when she was young, she says, “I worked as a make up artist for dead people. I had a kid to support.” Asked if she found it scary, she says, “When I first started my boss asked me to go to the mortuary and wait for him. As I am sitting there one of drawers where they kept the bodies starts opening and I turn round I see a body sit up and say, ‘Hello there.’ I jumped up so fast that I hit the wall and passed out. When I came to my boss said, ‘The worst thing you could think would happen already has!’ It was an extraordinary job.”
Keanu, talking about his early days in Hollywood, reveals, “No one liked my name. On the day I arrived my manager said, ‘Welcome, we want to change your name. They were like, ‘What’s a Keanu?’ So I became K.C. Reeves, which is awful and I would be late for auditions because I didn’t recognise K.C. Reeves as me. It was just horrible. It lasted a couple of months and then I became me again.”
Asked if there will be a Bill and Ted 3, he says, “The writers have story and we’re trying to make it. They would be in their 50s now and that makes me laugh! I was asked to play air guitar the other day – it’s sort of cool that it’s still alive.”
Jamie, talking about 50 Shades, and asked if he knows that the first movie caused a population explosion, he says, “There was a bit of a baby boom, which is a lovely thing. I was in a lift and was recognised by this woman who said, ‘Oh my god, you’re Jamie Dornan. For years my husband and I struggled to conceive a baby, we tried IVF and everything but after your movie came out we made a baby naturally.’ It was so hard to know how to respond! Keanu interjects, ‘You really want to inspire people with your work!”
Talking more about the film, and describing the Red Room as “A very fancy tool shed,” he says, “There is more sex in the new film and all of us (gesturing to the other guests) know how awkward sex scenes can be so to make everyone laugh I would make silly noises when I had to climax!” Whoopi interjects, “I love that you included me in that comment but I have never done a sex scene.” When asked why, she jokes, “It wasn’t my decision!”
Asked about recognising fans of 50 Shades he says, “There is a bit of cross over with The Fall but you can tell that the look of desire in their eyes is beyond that of a normal person in the street!”
Denzel, joining Graham for a chat, and talking about his new Oscar-nominated film Fences, he says, “It is real and honest and people get involved. Women in the audience would get up and start talking to the screen. It’s a testament to how great the writer was.
“When we were filming in Pittsburg one old chap – Mr Greenly – who lived behind the set. He couldn’t hear well and kept coming out of his house every day and ask if I wanted coffee – in the middle of a scene and at any time. He’d get a chair and sit as though he was watching a movie in his back yard. He came to the screening and he was so proud.”

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man performs Human live in the studio before joining Graham for a chat.

Asked if he knew what a great voice he has, he says, “I sang in the shower and kind of realised it was in tune but it took a few beers before I could get up on stage.”
And finally, Graham pulls the lever on more foolhardy audience members brave enough to sit in the Big Red Chair.

The Graham Norton Show, BBC One, 10th February 10.35pm
Pictures are available from PA
Notes to editors – all quotes in this release were said during the recording but won’t necessarily appear in the final show.
Next week (17th February) Graham’s guests include Tom Hiddleston, Daniel Radcliffe, Ruth Wilson, Joshua McGuire and Ricky Gervais.

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10th February 2017

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