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Heartline Update 5/6/2017

  1. Beth (Tucker) Barber, daughter of Lori Bounds, was hospitalized earlier this week with blood clots in her arm. She has been released, but appreciates prayers for ongoing treatments.

  2. Christian Myrick, the 17-month old son of an employee of Eddie Holt, was taken to the hospital following seizures and a fever. Prayers are requested to determine the cause of the seizures and the ability to reduce the fever.


  1. Mary Beauchamp, friend of Katrina Bradford, has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment hoping to respond well enough to be considered for surgery. She has two sons, ages 9

and 6.

  1. Gary Hawkins, brother of David Hawkins has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He had surgery in Little Rock on 7/19.

  2. Rhonda Hayes, cousin of Eddie Harris, has been diagnosed with cancer. She is receiving chemotherapy treatment and is very sick.

  3. Georgia Hook, mother of David Hook, a close friend of Eddie Holt, has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

  4. Aubrey McNutt, brother-in-law of Jeannine Jackson, is continuing treatment for stage 4 cancer. Aubrey and his wife, Kathy, are members of Highland Oaks Church.

  5. Tom Wood, brother-in-law of Jeannine Jackson, is receiving treatment for lung cancer. He attends Lamar in Paris.

  6. Robert McGaughey, father of Michael McGaughey, continues to experience difficulties following liver transplant surgery.

  7. Brent Whitman, cousin of former member Cheryl Moore, has cancer and is having major surgery on both kidneys.

  8. Connie Davis Roberts is continuing with chemotherapy but recent scans have been negative.

  9. Ronnie Wiggins, formerly of the Preston Road School of Preaching, has stage 4 lung cancer and has stopped treatment as it was not working. He is still preaching and teaching at Maypearl Church of Christ when he can.


Richard Dodson, Deen Cauthorn, Frances Baldwin, Lillian Booher, mother of Gloria McNutt, Charles Branch Sr., father of Dan Branch, Irene Burleson, Donald Dismore, long-time friend of Fred & Jacqueline Orr, Stephen Harper (seeking employment), Betty Holt, mother of Eddie Holt, Chris Leicht, brother-in-law of Joe & Amy Monroy, James McCown, nephew of Walter and Gloria McNutt, Walter P. McNutt, father of Walter McNutt, Howard Oder, Tonie Scott, Pauline Willingham, mother of Kerry Stark, Raymond Woolever, uncle of Fred Orr, the Allen family in Thailand, and Thomas Otieno and Ring Road Ministries.
Serving in the military: Cody Bartosh, Matt Boultinghouse, Jr., Thomas Fitch, John Ben Hale, Philip L’Italien, Tom Jordan, father of Jennifer McCarty.

Those listed above have requested our prayers or are known to be in need of our prayers.

Call the office at 214.526.7221 to add someone to the list, or email

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