Minutes regular meeting august 12, 2015

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AUGUST 12, 2015

The regular meeting of the Mount Penn Borough Municipal Authority was held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, in the meeting room of the John A. Becker Municipal Building, 200 North 25th Street, Reading, PA 19606 at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Dennis Swartz. The following Board members were present in addition to Mr. Swartz:
John Chiarelli, Vice Chairman

Joseph Boyle, Secretary

Alfred Worrall, Treasurer

Thomas Smith, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

Also present were the following:
Teresa Christof, Business Office Manager

Richard Genova, Water System Foreman (absent)

Dale Heckman, Arro Consulting

Mark Merolla, Solicitor

Motion was made by Joseph Boyle, seconded by Alfred Worrall, to approve the minutes of the July 2015 meeting. All approved.
Motion was made by John Chiarelli, seconded by Alfred Worrall, to approve the Treasurer’s Report for July 2015. All approved.

We are still purchasing full-size Master Read meters to replace the Master Read meter heads that stopped working. The Master Read meter heads were supposed to be in stock in July. The Board suggested that we meet with Exeter Supply to discuss the availability of the meter heads.
The water service to 1038 Friedensburg Road was turned off in March due to a plumbing leak. The owner of the property has been living in the home without water since March. The owner would like to have the water to the property turned back on so that Lower Alsace Township doesn’t condemn the property. The Lower Alsace Township code officer, Rick Gerhart, and Richard Genova will inspect the plumbing to the property to see if the leak has been fixed so that water can be turned back on.

A safety meeting was held on cell phone safety.

B.P. Paterson hasn’t submitted a payment to Colleen Yoder for the medical expenses she incurred when Paterson’s German Shepard bit her on the job site of the 26th Street water main replacement project. Dale Heckman stated that Paterson still hasn’t submitted the final paperwork to close out the 26th Street Water Main Replacement project.
Dale Heckman stated that repairs to our million gallon concrete water tank located on Spook Lane is a major capital improvement that should be considered for next year’s budget. Motion was made by Thomas Smith, seconded by Joseph Boyle, to authorize Dale Heckman to contact Mumford Bjorkman Associates to schedule an inspection of the million gallon tank. All approved.

Mark Merolla stated that the real estate tax exemption request we submitted to Exeter Township for 905 Byram Street was approved.

Teresa Christof attended the Berks Water/Sewer Association Annual conference at Albright College on July 29, 2015. Ms. Christof stated that the conference was very informative. The main topic of the conference was on Source Water Protection and Storm Water Management.
Ms. Christof attended the Borough of Mt. Penn’s Council meeting to discuss Mt. Penn B.M.A.’s Source Water Protection program and the Growing Greener Grant that Mt. Penn B.M.A. submitted to the D.E.P. for the storm water that drains into the Carsonia Lake. (Attachment)
Ms. Christof completed a Storm Water Pollution presentation using Berks County

Conservancy’s Enviroscape Storm Water Pollution model to the campers at the Antietam Valley Playground Program at Carsonia Park. The children really enjoyed the presentation. Dennis Swartz suggested that we get a quote to purchase our own Enviroscape model for future presentations. Mr. Swartz also suggested that the Borough of Mt. Penn and Lower Alsace Township share the cost of the Enviroscape model.

Ms. Christof stated that our auditor, Rodger Krause, has started our six-month audit. The Board suggested that Rodger Krause make financial recommendations for the potential water rate increase for next year.
The board members received that Second Quarter 2015 Revenue Report. (Attachment)
The board members received the (attached) letter from Keith Bortz, the owner of 3706 St. Lawrence Avenue. The letter stated that our Consumer Accounts Associate, Steve Davis, was extremely rude to him when he called our office regarding the sale of his property. Mr. Bortz forwarded a copy of the letter to his lawyer. No action was taken.

Motion was made by Thomas Smith, seconded by Alfred Worrall, to donate $75.00 to the Antietam Pool to hold a pizza party for the life guards. All approved.
Local painter, Bob Zimpleman, volunteered to pressure wash the brick walls on the outside of recreation center to remove the graffiti. After the pressure washing has been completed, the brick will be sealed with a clear masonry sealer.
The roof repairs to the recreation center, concession stand, and the gazebo have been completed.
Joseph Boyle submitted the (attached) quotes to the board to have the siding replaced on the recreation center building. The lowest bid was from Kemper Construction for $4,250.00. Mr. Boyle asked the Board if Mt. Penn B.M.A. could pay for the replacement of the siding since the recreation center is owned by Mt. Penn B.M.A. Thomas Smith stated that Mt. Penn B.M.A. can’t afford to pay for the repairs because the Board is considering a water rate increase next year. Mr. Smith suggested that Mr. Boyle ask the Borough of Mt. Penn, Exeter Township, Borough of St. Lawrence, Lower Alsace Township, and A.V.R.C.C. to share the cost of the repairs.

Thomas Smith stated that Mt. Penn received funds from their PIB loan for their street repairs.



We received the (attached) letter from Selective Insurance Company regarding the worker’s compensation claim for Randy Ruffner. Mr. Ruffner was exposed to chlorine on July 14, 2014 because the valve on the chlorine gas cylinder wasn’t closed when the cylinder hose was being replaced. The Selective Insurance Company’s inspector found that there is no feature on the regulator that would prevent breaking the connection. Also, there is no reminder to close the cylinder valve on the chlorine cylinder. The letter states that Selective Insurance is putting us on notice of their right to request reimbursement from us for the medical expenses incurred. Our solicitor, Mark Merolla, stated that the Board didn’t need to take any action. Our engineer, Dale Heckman, suggested that the Board investigate using liquid chlorine instead of chlorine gas.

An executive session was called at 8:54 p.m. to discuss personnel. No action was taken. The meeting was adjourned at 9:16 p.m. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 9, 2015.

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa A. Christof

Recording Secretary

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